Impregnably Married

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



The instant you blended every iota of your crimson blood forever with hers; melanging each element of your pricelessly benevolent goodness with her enchantingly sacred spirit,

The instant you coalesced every puff of your passionate breath forever with hers; beautifully bonding the vibrantly vivacious elixir of your existence with her majestic stride,

The instant you intertwined each of your philanthropic fingers forever with hers; unflinchingly clasping her nubile visage irrespective of the most truculently hedonistic of storm,

The instant you intermingled each contour of your tantalizing shadow forever with hers; harmoniously letting unfathomable shades of your magnetic artistry become the perpetual embellishment of her magnificent eyes,

The instant you mixed every regale emotion of your glorious existence forever with hers; altruistically persevering with her at every step that she tread; although the earth slipped completely from under your feet a countless times,

The instant you transposed every rhythm of your fantastically mellifluous voice with hers; unitedly becoming the tenacity of all tumultuously aggrieved mankind; with her ingratiating shoulders by your side,

The instant you juxtaposed every speck of your gloriously glistening sweat forever with hers; royally letting the essence of your sparkling perseverance become the empathy in her fructifying eyes,

The instant you amalgamated every follicle of your bountifully burgeoning hair forever with hers;  sensuously tickling her famished skin with your wave of intrepidly enthralling adventure,

The instant you infused every droplet of your patriotically blazing tears forever with hers; perennially witnessing the marvelously eclectic beauty of this planet; through the impeccable whites of her immaculate eyes,

The instant you coagulated every smile of your chivalrously bestowing lips forever with hers; transcending even the most inexplicably stuttering aspect of her life; with the fathomless sky of your unfettered ebullience,

The instant you combined every step that you unstoppably tread forever with hers; profoundly relishing the resplendent blanket of life; unassailably cuddled with her incredulously blessed grace,

The instant you compounded every bone of your resilient visage forever with hers; facing even the most ghoulishly murderous of adversity to protect your eternal camaraderie; although the world scurrilously snapped at you from all sides,

The instant you agglutinated every irrefutable fortress of your truth forever with hers; handsomely swirling as the most unconquerable wave of ubiquitous peace; with her spell bindingly enamoring melody by your side,

The instant you connected every bit of your charismatically gregarious radiance forever with hers; ecumenically blossoming as the pinnacle of compassionate togetherness; which none on this earth could ever dream to invade,

The instant you united every trace of everlasting righteousness in your soul forever with hers; symbiotically surviving with the redolent petals on her twinkling feet; magically transiting you into celestial siesta,

The instant you linked every prosperously blissful mannerism of yours forever with hers; considering yourself to be the richest organism on this Universe as you sipped Omnipotent water from her divine palms; although your pockets were torn from both sides,

The instant you joined every emphatically triumphant moment of your life forever with hers; assimilating an unfathomable ocean of happiness; as she stared like a
new born princess into the obeisant fluttering of your eyes,

The instant you bonded every beat of your wonderfully uninhibited heart forever with hers; immortally loving her magnanimously humanitarian grace; more than breath could ever have loved euphoric life,

Believe me; that very Omnipresent instant itself and without even the most ephemerally parsimonious of ceremony; church; temple; mosque; monastery; monk or myth; in the eyes of the Almighty Lord as well as in perfect synergy with his rules of life; you were impregnably married.

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