Impregnably Soaked

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



The gorgeously gigantic hills; were profusely soaked with golden fireballs; of melodiously tantalizing Sunlight,

The inscrutably mesmerizing forests; were marvelously soaked with an unendingly bountiful flurry; of rhapsodically voluptuous sounds,

The fathomless carpets of gregariously silken sky; was ecstatically soaked in an astounding kaleidoscope; of exuberantly twinkling stars,

The rambunctiously slithering and vivacious fish; were ebulliently soaked in an undulating ocean of; ravishingly titillating waves and euphoric salt,

The endless framework of bones in body; were indispensably soaked in a salubrious river of; exotically scarlet and blissfully bequeathing blood,

The aristocratically rubicund pair of royal lips; were celestially soaked in a whirlpool of charismatically exhilarating smiles and enamoring charm,

The countless blades of amiably blossoming grass; were profoundly soaked in an Omnipotent cistern of; majestically shimmering and perpetual dewdrops,

The enchantingly seductive garden of roses; was piquantly soaked in a exquisitely timeless mist of; overwhelmingly compassionate and divinely scent,

The diminutively impoverished palms; were inevitably soaked in an enigmatically inexplicable cloud of; mystically fabulous destiny lines,

The uninhibitedly dancing clown; was unsurpassably soaked in a torrentially limitless downpour; of cacophonic comedy and joyously jubilant laughter,

The ecstatically frolicking butterfly; was enthusiastically soaked in a fireball of perennially diffusing happiness; and an unfathomable tenacity to vividly soar,

The immaculate coat of sparklingly untainted eyes; was insatiably soaked in a compassionate whirlwind of; unequivocally Kingly moisture,

The robustly chattering and loquaciously bubbly tongue; was delectably soaked in ingratiatingly frothy oceans of; inherently tranquil saliva,

The unflinchingly marching and fearlessly intrepid army; were soaked in an irrefutably immortal entrenchment of; unassailably unshakable patriotism,
The magnificently serrated and rustic stemmed tree; was serenely soaked in an abundantly replenishing waterfall of; congenially sequestering leaves,

The incessantly wandering and animatedly sensitive ears; were boundlessly soaked in a eclectically grandiloquent symposium; of eternally drifting sounds,

The romantically philandering brain; was endlessly soaked in a tornado of fantastically ardent and gorgeously fulfilling sky of; glittering everlasting fantasies,

The twin gallery of vividly vibrant nostrils; were rhetorically soaked in an incomprehensibly fathomless volcano of; piquantly blissful breath,

And my tumultuously throbbing and fervent heart; was impregnably soaked in the blessings of your; immortally humanitarian and priceless love.

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