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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



I had dirt imprisoned in my nails; which seemed all the more abashing when I
stood in the limelight; confronting public,

I had scores of dandruff imprisoned in my scalp; prompting me to inevitably
scratch; although it blended strikingly with my black coat,

I had tumultuous strength imprisoned in my clenched fists; having stupendous
power to decimate impostors swindling the innocent,

I had eloquence imprisoned in my throat; which made me chant melodious rhymes
of synchronized music,

I had tenacity imprisoned in my emphatic eyes; which possessed the prowess to
melt the supremely intransigent,

I had a frivolous smile imprisoned in my luscious lips; which seemed all the more profound; when I encountered ravishing beauty,

I had a jugglery of obdurate muscle imprisoned in my legs; enabling me to traverse long distance in acerbic sun; bereft of a vehicle,

I had millions of hair imprisoned in my skin; cushioning me from uncouth blows
of the society,

I had salubrious blood imprisoned in my intricate veins; instilling in me the
strength to sustain life,

I had a crimson pink tongue imprisoned in my mouth; granting me the
indispensable ability of speech,

I had a bulky wallet imprisoned in my trouser pocket; making me feel
despicable; when I stripped it of its currency,

I had a flamboyant horse imprisoned in my stables; on which I used to sit and
gallivant through the mountains,

I had infinite lines imprisoned at the back of my palm; which audaciously
portrayed my destiny to unleash,

I had unfathomable cells imprisoned in my finely chiseled brain; blessing me
with the capacity to decode the most baffling of enigmas,

I had golden droplets of sweat imprisoned in my armpits; inundating the placid
surroundings with unbearable stench,

I had tones of air imprisoned in my inflated lungs; which made me breathe;
relish every unveiling second of life,

I had yellow enamel camouflaging my teeth; making it impossible for me to

I had nostalgic memories imprisoned in my subconscious mind; as I ruefully
reminisced all those moments when I was young,

And most importantly; superseding all things; I had her love imprisoned in my
heart; which bestowed upon me the impetus to blissfully live; fight for justice in this nonchalant world.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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