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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Schizophrenia Is A Short Story Of A Wife Who Finds Out Her Husband Is Cheating On Her With Other Women, Fed Up With Him And What He Is Doing She Comes To The Decision Of Murdering Him But Before
She Does That She Has A Little Something To Tell Him???

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018





By Ekona Del Rey Monroe


They Say love and fear can hardly exist together,  So if we must choose between them, it seem it is far safer to be feared than loved.

I thought you changed but you didn't… So there for baby you never truly loved me, Your heart and our love is now dead. I remember the cold nights where the warm double barrel shotgun or The kiss of the revolver touches the side of your head… While you sleep, Tell me was that true love?

I don't want to hurt anyone... But, Cherish no sentimental, as I feel darkness follow. there's no help to pray for god. Therefore you will not be seeing me. But have the thought of me and the feeling,  even if I have been unable to show it. " "I don’t know maybe I would write you a happy ending…

Tell me my love, Those lonely nights I was left alone, Did you have any regrets while you were in the bed with other women, Because my only regret was ever-loving you. Let me be honest baby, All the nights you slept should I have pull the trigger, Till there’s no more shots

I'm sorry for whatever pain I have caused you? But then again I wish I had fixed you dinner that night, So I can sit back and smile while the poison runs all through your system. And Stay there and watch you take your last breath. Or the time I could have handcuff you to the bed set the house on fire and watch you burn in hell.

Sometimes the voices don’t lie  Forgive me, as I close my eyes Scared to see if heaven is hell Or if hell is heaven. Do you still love her? Are you in love with her? til this day,  sometimes I cry if you're lucky you're not going to see me but commemorate and reminisce the touch of my lips, the feel of my body. as a sign of our love,  Our sexual desire, and Our enthralling pain.

I'm sorry but I’m trying to save myself  from all the pain I feel. But don’t worry I will truly miss you  So much things going on you were my only help to be free to be loved and happy. Tell me did you even try to love me I try to forget you but pain was all I felt. You broke my heart but I still loved you I let you in and you left without cleaning your mess or even a goodbye and I never did complain.

12 AM When The Cold Hands That Grip The Axe That Night... And The Sound Of You Screaming Was All I Have Ever Wanted To Hear

Over 50 Whacks To The Head They Say, Death penalty is now who I’m married to, Vow to death do us part.

No regrets that night.

© Copyright 2019 Ekona Del Rey Monroe. All rights reserved.

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