In The Lap Of My Mother

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



In the lap of the road there was abundant traffic; wailing pressure horns producing discordant cacophony,

In the lap of the colossal mountain there was snow; shimmering immaculately in the sunlight; projecting shades of white,

In the lap of the garden there was green grass; sprawled rampantly on the soil; tickling me as I walked,

In the lap of a contemporary computer; there lay embossed a plethora of finely chiseled microchips; functioning scrupulously,

In the lap of the river gushing at violent speeds; there were fish of handsome sizes and shapes,

In the lap of a tree densely foliated with leaves; there lived bushy squirrels
juxtaposed with resplendent insects,

In the lap of the scorching desert extending to unfathomable limits; there was hot sand and the rustic cactus swirling magnificently in the wind,

In the lap of the grandiloquent palace; there resided the dainty princess floating in the aisles of ostentation and luxury,

In the lap of the refrigerator; there was succulent fruit strewn alongwith barrels of cold wine,

In the lap of the sky; there was the brilliant sun and placid moon; blessing the earth with light all round the clock,

In the lap of the concrete wall; there were baked bricks impregnated to provide it fortification,

In the lap of the tropical jungle; there were wild animals; white water streams and a scores of venomous spider,

In the lap of the fountain pen; there was colored ink; granting profound impetus to words; molding them to beautiful calligraphy,

In the lap of the deep well; there was stagnant water; which was deftly evacuated by humans to quench their insatiable thirst,

In the lap of prejudice; there lived disdainful hatred; which was its obvious manifestation,

In the lap of the dictionary; there were infinite words finely embodied; granting us
the privilege of communication,

In the lap of the city gutter; lay fetid sewage giving rise to the most unbearable of stench,

In the lap of a cigarette there was bountiful tobacco; which produced carcinogenic smoke when consumed,

In the lap of omnipotent God; there lay the entire universe; with a fleet of organisms diligently executing their tasks,

And in the lap of my mother; there resided perpetual care; the love that no price on this earth could purchase.

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