In-Born Strengths

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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



Romance indefatigably and with piquant enchantment; to your most unassailably integral mountain; of in-born strengths,

Dance ingratiatingly and with tantalizing charisma; to your most fabulously  impeccable repertoire; of in-born strengths,

Fantasize intransigently and with incessant fascination; to your most fathomlessly intrepid ocean; of in-born strengths,

Gallop patriotically and with unflinching brazenness; to your most invincibly blazing Sun; of in-born strengths,

Donate benevolently and with unequivocal humanity; to your most spellbindingly colossal kaleidoscope; of in-born strengths,

Listen ardently and with insatiable fervor; to your most gloriously glimmering fountain; of in-born strengths,

Sleep sensuously and with blissful contentment; to your most blisteringly dynamic goalhouse; of in-born strengths,

Laugh wholeheartedly and with ebulliently emollient gusto; to your most divinely unsurpassable armory; of in-born strengths,

Sing harmoniously and with unprecedented artistry in your voice; to your most ubiquitously endless river; of in-born strengths,

Walk flamboyantly and with an unfathomable urge to reach philanthropic targets; to your most gloriously synergistic cocoon; of in-born strengths,
Philosophize humbly and with ecstatically untamed belief; to your most poignantly celestial stream; of in-born strengths,

Discover gallantly and with overwhelming enigma; to your most resplendently twinkling sky; of in-born strengths,

Serve irrevocably and with the unconquerable spirit of mankind; to your most passionately Omnipotent idol; of in-born strengths,

Invest judiciously and with astounding pragmatism; to your most grandiloquently intrinsic castle; of in-born strengths,

Write candidly and with intricately silken graciousness; to your most irrefutably honest treasury; of in-born strengths,

Pray fearlessly and with a wave of benign calm enveloping the soul; to your most scintillatingly sacrosanct candle; of in-born strengths,

Evolve intriguingly and with incomprehensibly bountiful vigor; to your most beautifully tranquil civilization; of in-born strengths,

Breathe compassionately and with the overpowering elixir to lead life; to your most stupendously fortified fortress; of in-born strengths,

Love immortally and with impregnably never dying tenacity; to your most celestially vivacious river; of in-born strengths,

Over and above all; Live symbiotically and with the relentless aspiration to conquer an infinite deaths; to your most magnanimously bestowing lamp;
of in-born strengths.

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