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Bear with me the first story I have ever wrote. I wrote it back in 6th grade from inspiration from a 5th grade friend. Thanks Julius!

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018




Neff’s Journal: Day 1

I'm a house seller I sell houses to people. My wife is also pregnant, but why am I talking about my wife right now. My name is Neff.

Day: 2

Whenever I walk home from work I always look at this mysterious mansion, old, creeky, and scary. Until I wonder if I could sell it. This guy came up to me and said, “Lad you wouldn’t want to go in that house.” “But why”, I said. Theres a legend about that old house that who ever goes in never comes out”


That guy the other day was sure creepy. When I went to work my friends friend friend dared me to goin that old house he calls willow for thirty bucks(I needed the money). So T went in. I took a look at the house and ran in to get it over with. I left the door open then it shut itself. Suddenly I heard a shrieking sound of a young women then a monstrous howl somewhat like an ogers. It seemingly looked like a ghoul of an helpless lady with another ghoul of a murderer chasing after her. Then they both went through me and scared me half to death. I ran down a hall-way to my left. I saw a little door under the stairs. I opened it squished my way through then shut it and stayed there for two days.


Starving. I am starving. Look around the closet for fresh food and throwing out clothes I found a note. It said, “You were the first in years to walk into my trap and game. You will be forced to fight my warriors to survive. Spiderwitch. Then there was a faint laffter. I’m digging again now then I jumped backwords when I found a skeleton with a hatchet and bow and arrows next to him. I thought this would b my weapons.

Day: 6

I'm still hungry. Goin huntin. Still starving. I'm now walking up stairs when they shift and I slide down them an I grip onto something to hold my ground. A fire place appeared out of now where below me. It had Giant teeth and claws; it's coming for me. I jumped on it while it was chomping on the boards up the stairs. Once I was at the top I about the Spiderwitch. Now I am walking. I came to a path that had two ways. I chose right and came to a; I peaked inside of it suddenly out jumped a giant snake clumsily hitting itself through a wall. I ran down the stairs( the stairs were back) Jumped over the fire place. I dug the snake out when the fire place was asleep and brought it to the door under the staircase called Base 1.

Day: 9

I found a paper clip upstairs yesterday and tried to pick the door way out but it wouldn’t work. I went back to Base 1 and got the hatchet and went searching for equipment. I did the usual jumping on the fire place and going up it like an escalator and said,”man I am all ready getting used to this”. This time I’m taking the left the left way. I came up to a door and took the hatchet and tried to make a peak hole. I looked through and saw me in a mear. I opened the door and didn’t take any chances and punched it; punched me. But the shadow didn’t get hurt. I engadged in close combat; it still wouldn’t get hurt. Then I thought of the mear. I then took my hatchet and threw it at the mear; as it turned to dust, and that dust turned to water and a corndog? I got the hatchet chipped off three pieces of wood got 3 pieces of glass and the food then went back to Base 1.

Day: 13

I’m making tools to survive. I took the glass and wood; made three knives, I made a sheath for my arrows; a belt for my hatchet and knives. I also put some tools, gear and food hidden in Base 1 for some people who ever get stuck here. While I am digging I found a floor board opened up a little. I tore it off and other pieces. I made a fire with one of the floor boards and tossed it in the hole. To the look of my eyes there were at least a thousand snakes down there. Then I saw the Orb. I knew I had to destroy it but it’s too far away to shoot with an arrow. I fixed of where I looked down for later. I'm not going down there but not yet.

Day: 16

To this day I’m hunting down stairs. But instead of hunting I was actually finding tools. On the wooden floor I took the hatchet and chipped it to find a slingshot and kept on chipping then found steal and daimonds, Emeralds, rubies, Saphires, and more. I made it back to base 1 , opened the closet door. A snake bursted at me, but with my quick wits and reflexes I chopped it's head off. Snake for dinner tonight.

Day: 18

The jewels I found I hid them in a satchel I found. I made a rope out of out some of the cloth and took some wood then threw it down where all the snakes are then left; found some oil? I sprayed it on the wood the snakes and a lot of other places. I had a pack of matches and lit one; I threw it and watched every single snake burn. I knew tomorrow I’m gonna break that Orb.

Day: 19

Today I’m escaping. Saddling up my gear. Bow on my back hatchet and knives at my side. I’m all geared up. I took the oil and 2 matches and jumped down the hole. I made a circle and a lane then set it on fire, this time there were spiders. Walking slowly with bow and arrow ready, I came upon that Orb. To not waste more than one arrow i covered the Orb with oil, and hand sanitizer I found in my pocket. I took 10 steps back. Now 2 arrows left. I took one covered it with oil then set it on fire with the last match. Aiming and pulling the arrow as hard I can back without breaking the string; I let go. “BOOM”!!! The explosion push me back. I started to see all the spiders coming together there was the Spiderwitch. She was fat with purple skin a spear in her hand and  bellow her stomach the rest of her body was a spider. I wasn’t very scared but I was scared; so I started up the rope. The door was open to the house. I saw my wife just taking a stroll but before I got to her I…..

The end

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