Gender Identity

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Celebrating Nurse’s Week. I do not know where this poem fits. Or what Nurse’s duties this would constitute. I would have to say the job of a Surgical Nurse, Plastic Surgery Nurse. Whichever sector
of providing continuous patient care. Wow, this has to be a very complex issue to adhere, as your nursing skills have been called upon to heal the mind, and primarily the body. For your
responsibilities, as well as your compassion alone. You definitely deserve the highest esteem and Florence Nightingale Medal, which is the highest medal given to a military or a civilian nurse for
treating patients in all is ugliness as a discriminating stigma of choice labeled within society.

Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



Gender Identify

Who makes the decision as a person stand

Once I exited the birth canal are you now considered woman or a man

Pink or Blue

We extend our congratulations as we waited for this handsome bundle anew

However, what happens when one’s not sure after coming of age

The mentality of your gender, a person just cannot gage

Parents dealing with alter egos and the backlash of identity rage

Marbles and trains become dolls and dresses

Counselors out of pocket expenses to determine undetected sexes

But mama, I feel that way everyday

I should have aborted you, your gender related issues keeps getting in this family’s religious ways

Yet, I still continue to pray

You would wake up and do as a boy should play

Is it wrong Is it their right

When feelings to connect with the same sex becomes their day of light

Daily legal fights within the realm of society labeled misguided mental flights

Dealing and accepting their personal plights

No one in our family has ever met this fate

Wait, allow me to get this straight

You want to what! Change your sex with hormone pills

Oh my God, please help this family, are you for real

My family, my friends, my church, what would they think

You have shunned this family long enough, you were in the blue, now all you see is pink

People, we must learn to love all

Each person’s destiny is always God’s call

Laws to protect

For the silent seeking genders, you may never have met, being a nurse, not yet

Universal love

Showered from above

Do I personally judge

I am a person, who do not like to form opinions, or keep a daily grudge

It’s a moral decision of who they think they are, who they desire to be

I respect you all, just do not hinder me

If you feel I stepped on your toes, as my words are set free

Or my voice

Your lifestyle, as you have to respect other people’s verbal disbelief of choice

However, may your inner decision give you peace, therefore, may the masses learn to forgive

For the ones who refuse to understand, do not condemn their attitudes for the way, you live

I will say, there’s enough room for us all

Just do not beat one’s unacceptable head against a wall

The mind during conception

A misguided chromosome rejection

People will tell you it’s not in the DNA

How could you be born and flip your gender the opposite way

Should society shun those who have hid their presence behind a closed door

If God makes no mistakes then what are we complaining for

Discrimination to settle a mental score

Knocking a person’s feelings for their gender related issues to the floor

No one knows what goes on inside the mind of a person who is born one way, yet acts another

It doesn’t make their journey any less easy, that seed still came from the womb of a mother

Feelings felt in his or her mind

To want to change from God’s initial design

Do you think there is a heavenly clause

For the seeds created, planted and delivered with a hidden pause

A twisted existence no one wants to applause

Your journey is your own

Let’s just all support, and leave well enough alone

God tempers the land as he sits on his throne

If anyone, he should be the one to pick a bone

Every melody prayed up to his ears is their life’s song

Sex same marriages

Surrogates paid for same sex baby carriages

The same two and two as they love

Demonstrations, begging to change laws, which was B.C ordained from above

God has to be cordial some may say

A man shall leave his father and mother and cling unto his wife as noted, it’s the Bible’s way

I remain silent, I suppose love is blind

As a nurse, it’s my creed to always give peace over troubled waters to a confused mind

Maybe the wrong word to use

To them, no internal confuse

Gay pride parades is their mental muse

I can only imagine, society such as this

Only want arms to embrace, lips to kiss

This world has moved so fast to place this issue on my Nurse’s poem wish list

To discuss

In as much

But hey, this existence effects some, not all

I would be hypocritical with words if I did not place someone else’s silent issues for a surgical procedure such as this magnitude on roll call

For a world so vast

Don’t worry about anyone else’s breath, breathe as if it’s, your last

I hope I did justice for all who reads to admit, hey, that could be me, or a friend to some form of degree

For the eyes of acceptance I’m sure they only want to be

Rather you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender as seen in your eyes

I have long ago resigned my, what! get out of here! or my whys

I am trying to maintain my own earthy existence of spreading love and a future home in the sky



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