Man's Little Blue Wonder Pill

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Celebrating Nurse’s Week My love to all the Urologist Nurses. After getting my Associate Degree in Nursing, my first job was working within a Jewish Urology Group Practice. My first day on the job.
I was so proud of myself, my accomplishment, until, I totally screwed up so many urine specimens that day for testing. I had to call all twenty five patients to return and then retest them on a
Saturday. That was so many years and a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing later. The memories of that particular occurrence now makes me laugh.

Love and Hugs, Kemy

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018




Enlarging my loins at its will

Adding time to an old Buck

Making Love has gotten better, without wishing for sheer luck

These senile ears once again hearing the songs of my lady’s weakening groans

A pill to steal back my youth

My woman and I are now knocking boots

CEO in the boardroom

No more sighing as I look down in a non-flaccid gloom

Playful toys

Now used by a grown man-boy

Lingerie, stilettoes, massage oil, once hidden

Give me an hour for kinky sex, some say is forbidden

Damn my bottle is now empty

The door open and your lingerie is skimpy

The drug store an hour away

I need love tonight, I’ve been signing deals all day

Me and my spouse

Like teenagers sneaking out the house

I look over at her youthfulness displayed in her lovely face

Thank goodness, after all these years she can keep up with my  slower pace

My palms stuck on the steering wheel.

Why don’t I try to please her with my superman state of fleshly steel.

What if she says she can’t feel, will it be a defeat to my ego’s zeal

I crank up the car

I looked down at the E on the gas gage, knowing we will not get that far

Oh no, I looked over at her

No time for plans to deter

Our carnal pleasure, we must let out its cage

If not, internal yearning of lust, and its unbridled rage

I rest my head against the headrest

Body now crawling with untimely stress

Haven’t disrobe her or me and not one blue pill left

Lips have not been met

The stroke to my hand advising me it’s all right

There will always be some other night

Come inside, we could cuddle like we use too

It’s always have been just me and you

As we walk back into our home

A stage of our imagination is where love will always roam

But my little blue wonder pill I could have cashed in on the fruits of its thrill

The lust of my woman’s body would have paid that bill on its own free will


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