To my inner child

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To my inner child hood

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



"To my inner child"


I've been advised to write a letter to my childhood deep inside,

i would like to say I am sorry for the biggest dip's and slide's,


The shame that we have carried and the pain that we have caused, 

the guilt and fear of child hood has been hidden behind doors,


The times we've been together, scared and all alone,

was not our fault it really wasn't I've realised now  I am old,


We carried guilt and fear and all our feelings too, we kept them deep inside of us and didn't know what to do,

we felt left out and worthless and really messed up too, I really do apologise for everything to you,


I tried to keep it together but it got too much to hold,

I turned to crime and drugs as started to get old,

I done this for our feelings to be suppressed dead deep inside and all it ever done for us was make bigger dips and slides,


But now I am even older i know just what to do,

i am going to make it better for me and you,


I've got myself a programme and giving it all my might

i promise to my child hood i am going to make us right,


We'll be ok from day to day as weeks and months to by,

I broke my heart from word to word as  i wrote you this lullaby,

but that's ok we're stronger now than ever  been  before and all because we have opened up those doors we can't ignore,


The guilt,shame and fear will leave from right inside,

and take us to a happy place we've always been denied.


So now I've said i am sorry  i am feeling full of pride,

I promise not to take you back to all those dips and slides....




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