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Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



To: My Dearest Son Daniel:

My little boy stood in front of me when
that man came at me, shouting,
“You have to go through me first.”

My boy stood by me when the
Law firm jobs burdened
me into debilitation.

My boy stood by me when
life took us in and out of places
and times of extreme hardship.

My boy stood by me at so many
doctors offices and hospitals in
sickness and injury.

My boy stood by me, always
assuring: “Things will get better,

My boy stood strong by me
when our beloved dogs, Rocky and
Brownie went to the Rainbow Bridge.

My boy stood by me when the
deaths of my mother and brother
shut me down.

My boy big and small, always knew
when I wanted to give up, letting me
know he still needs me.

My boy says, “Never give up,
Mom, there is more for you
to do in this life.”

My boy is my hero, my savior,
an inspiration that I cannot
live without.

My last wish is for my boy to stand by me
a little longer, in case God calls me home
while we still need each other.

Love Mom


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