A Brother's Requital

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This is my first official publish. The story focus on two brothers and a girl. How love could twist one life's journey! Please read and provide as many comments and feedback as possible.

Submitted: May 11, 2018

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Submitted: May 11, 2018



The Poor Writing - Set 1

The Wanderings of Rahul

Volume 1

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Chapter 1

A Brother's Requital

Day 111:00 AM

It was a dark cloudy day, calm was felt, a calm so soothing yet dark. The roads were almost empty with the monsoon thrashing. Ragu and Vritika left the hospital, with happiness swirling on both their face; they were heading home on their motorbike. They got quite afar from the hospital, as they kept talking and flirting with each other in a childish manner.

Day 111:14 AM

The first few drops of rain hit the ground, what a fine petrichor, as they both gazed upon the dark sky with unknown felicity. Everything went black. A hard thump and a crashing sound was heard. For the roads were still empty, when Ragu and Vritika bashed the ground. Vritika went blank immediately, but Ragu saw a man, a shadow like semblance, a phantasma as he fell unconscious. The tragedy left the place. As their blood drenched the ground, when the tears of rain showered upon them and their misery.

Day 111:34 AM

The locals came to help. The happy pair got admitted to the same hospital they left earlier. The news spread, as Ragu's P.A hurried to the hospital. In front of the surgical room, he spoke with the doctors and promised all payments necessary. A surgery was to be made. The Hospital had three corridors which led to the different labs, wards and sections, such as they are totally interconnected. The left corridor from the front gate, is where the pair lies part dead. As Ragu's P.A looks upon their condition as they were shifted to the Surgical Room, he paced through the corridor, where he turns left to the reception for billing details; he slows a little to take a look back at the Surgical Room in the long corridor. He saw what he saw earlier, he saw what he expected to see, and went on still. For when he made the payments clear, the Surgery began at 12:00 AM after all necessary medical precautions and preparations were made.

Day 103:00 PM

The surgery was over, both of the admitted; lived another day. They were kept in the Intensive Care Unit for further monitoring, for further medical procedures to be paid for. It was really a rough, non-productive day for Ragu. Not just this day, but the week itself. With the investigation going on, a lot has changed around him and his life. And now that he is bedridden!

Day 110:00 AM

Ragu and Vritika reached the hospital, to collect the Medical Report on the Cause of Death of Raju, Ragu's Twin.


Day 109:00 AM

The working day at the hospital begun, many of the workers there have supposedly being talking about some apparition they saw yesterday. The Hospital Management could do nothing about it, and kept everyone's mouth shut. The staffs too were affright.

Day 207:00 AM

A good deep rest after the surgery, the pair saw the bright light of the dawning sun; oh, pardon the narrator. Only Ragu saw the bright light of the dawning sun. As they both called upon each other with love. Ragu couldn't walk to her, as poor Vritika couldn't see his misery. The tragedy cost both of them dear. Weeping’s were heard.

Day 210:00 AM

Ragu's senses of premonitions deepened. He decides that the hospital premises weren't safe for them anymore. With a little talk and money, he made the management to discharge them right away. A nurse was appointed by the management to visit the pair at their home at certain hours of the day. Mobility aids were provided to them, for Ragu only had a leg, while Vritika was set blind. The day ended with their sudden blight of sorrow. The nurse and Ragu's P.A halted for the night at Ragu's home. Ragu and Vritika were full of thoughts of worry of the past and that of their future for their present lay empty, devoid of emotions and happiness. But, Ragu, Ragu was sure about what he saw.

Day 309:00 AM

The nurse and the P.A left after minor medications were provided, and the pair was left alone to make some important decisions. Practical people they were, they spent the day making productive decisions still trying to lean out of their misery. It was 10:30 AM the P.A made his entry, as Ragu was unable to work the entire week, so the P.A had to barge in so that Ragu can still keep a hold of his business. But Ragu being astute he dealt with them like a Master of the game. With his work done, the P.A left the house, the house, with some untold satisfaction.

Day 3The Dark Eve

Now Vritika spends most of her time in the bed resting in patience, Ragu never wanted to distress her. The same way that Vritika saw Ragu. For they both kept a secret so dear to each other in love and hatred. A secret worth affecting their whole existence. Ragu felt bad, as he went to his room. Vritika half asleep was still worried about her future, as the vague sound of the cry of a man being strangled woke her up. She quickly hurries out of her room in panic. Adrift she was, an hand grabbed hers gently. The hand of a loving one. Relieved she cried "Ragu, What's happening?" .Their motion caused the wooden floor to shrieked, they were in Ragu's room. The motion stopped, the gentle hold became a tightening grasp. Vritika's blind world stood still, as she saw herself in the mirror. She knew it was time. She clearly saw three things, one her eyesight which she didn't expect, and the other two she never wanted to believe. Vritika's mind slow streamed her memories of the past. Maybe, it's only upon the ending times, that one would really want to look back on their past.

Three Months Before

Raju, a popular person, an egalitarian, a cynosure, a philanderer kept unseen behind the cordial mask. Raju was quite always seen with a woman. Every lady who knew him knew all about him. Yet, this Master of Words always had a way with women. On every weekend he dumps the girl he's with, and finds a new one.

As usual, Raju left the park after dumping a girl. He took a deep breath, and came back to his natural. As he decided to search for his next victim. Vritika fell right in front of him. I mean literally, Vritika just fell. Raju as he helped her get up, started his game. Vritika an ingenuous, comely girl with her mellifluous voice and a caring heart. Vritika was the just the girl a man would seek and go after.

As love happened, as Raju grew closer and closer to her inch by inch he decided that this week of his is gonna last a life time. Last a life time. Raju brought Vritika to his home, with Ragu's permission. As orphans, these three never bothered about the society and its pervious talks. Ragu was a bumptious one, guided by logic he was a success in all grounds that his feet touched.

Raju and Vritika became more of a family. Raju's lust turned to love. The tides of life shifted. But, Vritika was just too gullible. As the greedy one wheedled, Vritika fell again for her wherewithal for life. As time flew, Vritika became estranged to the heart that loved her. But, Raju was just too blind to see that.

Day 0Ulterior Motives

The plot came to its end. As they dined together, they mirrored upon their day's thoughts. Raju was just too happy, was made to believe that he had all he wanted. Vritika got behind Raju, as she bends down on his shoulders, he bent his head upwards to look on her face. As he saw Vritika smile, the ceiling lamp just got dimmer and dimmer, a little pain and weakness in his neck caused his head to bend down. As soft hands, slit his throat. As time slowed, Raju saw Ragu's last wicked smile as his head hit the table. Blood stained the kitchen floors crimson. Calls were made to the local police station and the hospital. Ragu bribed them all to not make his brother's suicide a big issue. The new pair made many decisions on their sleep ridden night.

Day 3The Dark Eve

Vritika came back to her senses, after her guilty flow of memory rush. The mirror didn't lie. Vritika saw on the reflection, the brothers. Ragu was hanged to death, while Raju stood by her side. Vritika was left cold and thoughless. All thoughts and forms of emotions voided in. As the shadow hands tried to grab her once again, Vritika tried to break away in panic. The open door shut close, bashing her on the face as she fell. The reparations of karma were heavy. Cold blood painted the floors crimson. The mistakes made were answered by blood. As the creature of death claimed them all.


Day 111:14 AM

Ragu saw the deformed semblance of Raju.

Ragu's P.A saw Raju on the Corridor.

Day 109:00 AM

Ragu's P.A saw Raju's apparition, upon examining he learned that the shadows were swirling around Raju's ring.  The P.A steals the ring from Raju's mortal remains in the Mortuary.

Day 2

Ragu's P.A accidently drops the ring somewhere during the night.

Day 310:30 AM

The P.A came back to take the ring from Ragu's house. But decided that it was justice to leave it there itself.

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