the past in my marriage, episode 1.

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#Story By J. Praise.

TITLE: The Past In My Marriage .

(Episode 1)


My husband Emeka had been the man I finally ended up with after several emotional tours. I met Emeka while I was serving as a youth corp in Lagos state. He was a cool and renowned gentleman. He was a well known business man. It didn't take me time to know he was Interested in me. In fact he went the extremes to show it.

But sadly I was in a relationship with Mike, whom was serving in the North at that time. I had started dating mike during my second year in school, and since then he had been of great help to me. Both emotional and intellectual wise. I knew I was not going to give up on mike. Not now that our dreams to build an empire was some steps to reality. Emeka was determined and he kept pushing hard to get me. A lot of my friends thought I was actually having something with him, Because he was just all around me.

I had finish service successfully and returned to my home town in Otukpo Benue State. Over 6000km from Lagos state, but it never stopped Emeka. He was so determined and his courage was quite interesting. He would travel to see me during weekends and my family already knew him, in fact they were beginning to like him too.

All of these I hid from mike. I didn't want him to feel he was in a competition with anybody. I assured him I was all he's and that look on his face was always something else (smiles). But something was different, I was beginning to lay up an imaginary comparison between Mike and Emeka in my head. Could it have been because my parents were pressuring me to marry Emeka? Of course my mom had told me I was not getting younger and my peers are all getting married (African mothers). Or could it be because my friends were already filing my head with the opportunity I would find with Emeka which I won't find with Mike? My friend Oyiwodu had told me Emeka would take good care of me and I wouldn't have to wait so long for Mike to make a fortune (Only God knows when). All this was having great impact on me. It was making me think so deep into the night and doubt even my own judgments. But yet I said nothing to Mike.

It all continued for a awhile and I was beginning to see mike as more of an option to my priority. Of course I love Mike so much, but I was Afraid if he's gonna make it. Not like I didn't believe in him (he'd always been hardworking), but a young Lady who would be 26 in less than 6months, needs to be sure of what Life holds for her. I was not ready to settle for uncertainty. I didn't want to end up like my neighbor Ogbene who is still yet to marry at the age of 32 (God forbid). "I have to do something. And I need to do it fast!" I told myself.

I decided to give Emeka a chance, at least to know if we could agree on something meaningful. Of course in no time we started dating, he showered me with gifts like always and everything about us was intriguing.

At this time Mike had traveled to Abuja to submit his CV and search for few more opportunities. Literally he was thriving to make a fortune for us, while am here making mine alone which would hurt him. But I was not ready to give in to conscience now. Not even to pity him. Though sometimes I feel this chill when I remember him,but I always find a way to get over it (Babe must survive). In fact his friends had already started telling him about my new man who drives me around Otukpo town. Mike would call and complain bitterly but I was not ready to stop now. The "Babe must survive" was all I had in my head. I even stopped picking Mike's calls and stopped replying his texts.

Mike had met me on my way from the school I was teaching then. I guess he traveled down from Abuja when he couldn't bear it anymore. Trust him,he was blowing red! And I felt pity for him. But trust my determination, I was not wiling to make things easier for him. I didn't even let him touch me, which got him all mad.

"What is wrong?" He had ask... But I gave him no reply. "Are you really seeing someone else?" He asked bitterly. But I kept quite. He must have noticed the nasty look I gave him when I walked away, because I heard him panting aloud. Why I was doing all this was still a mystery to me. Why was I so hard on him, he had done nothing to deserve these. It looked like I was going crazy. Mike visited my house countless of times but could not see me. In fact, Ihotu my Little sister was good at telling him I was not around, knowing too well I was in (God forgive me). He later traveled to Abuja but kept calling and texting. I pity guys when they feel they are losing a girl they love sha. He was so acting like a baby boy now.????


As expected, Emeka proposed to me last weekend. It was Indeed a rossy one. He took me and some of my friends to 'Double K resort' for a hangout. And what was supposed to be a normal hangout turned into an engagement ceremony. Only God knows how that diamond ring popped out from the wine we were served. He was sure romantic. Proper venue, proper Ring, Proper words (so cute!). Am sure my friends Juliet and Oyine was jealous of me????. Well I said "Yes" in the most dashing and girlie way. That has been my dream. The wedding arrangement was sharp, I met his family and it all went well. My parents accepted and gave their blessings in no time. Mama was already inviting people from the Village at Owukpa and Otukpa to come for the wedding of her Ada getting married to a rich man????. The dates were fixed.

Then I realised it was going to be almost impossible to handle Mike. I was confuse how to break the news to him. How would he react? I knew he loved me so much but I didnt know how to go about it.

"Is he gonna commit suicide afterwards?" I asked myself. Not sure of what to do.

*continues in episode 2*

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