Sandpit Play

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A short random poem i wrote, let me know what you think

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018



straight off the cover of some timeless magazine

that i purchased when i was a teen

sealed behind vault doors

have a glance when you would like

but please announce it on the mic

so all the wide world can applause


sharing is caring or so they say

who are these they anyway?

and why are they making the rules

too many questions not enough responses

when all she actually wants is

to half inch those crown jewels


diversifying seems quite the task

rather you didn’t ask

just leave me to my own device

augmented humour easy to miss

serenade me with a kiss

how about we roll the dice


out stay your welcome am i polite

shrunk away into the night

better pour me another two

misdemeanour slap on the wrist

slice of lime with a whisky twist

don’t be embarrassed when i coo


visionary sanctity fades away

innocent youthful sandpit play

don’t show me pictures of your young

feigned interest like cellophane 

take me to a different plane

stepped on traps already sprung


the final bell has rung!

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