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it's not deep

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018



please take a look at yourself

in the mirror

or just literally look down


you can’t even do that can you?

do i have to go to the extremes

do you want me to?


rip your head off

gonna position your eyes to stare

at your mangled body

that wasn’t so hard was it?

how do you feel

looking at your rotten self

full of ugly pride

discontentment and disdain


i know

there’s no way you were gonna change

you love yourself too much

everyone else are extras

in this pretty little stage of yours


so there i helped

i felt it was my obligation

to make you realise

your own repulsiveness

behold, how dazzling and stupefying you are

with your organs dangling

dancing an uplifting foxtrot


i stand and stare

taking in as much as i can

with my own eyes

the sublime and exquisite sight

that is only an ephemeral experience


how are you doing

my friend

my dear dear comrade

i smile and chuckle

and you do the same


let’s end this

i mouthed

and took one last glance

at your resplendent distorted figure


i walk ahead

for awhile

until i reached

the edge


it seems to snare at me

to sneer at me

but i’m pleased

intoxicated with joy

it’s your loss

i rebuked out loud


without a pause

i took another step

and you can guess the rest

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