Edward Shaw and the Witch's Staff

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Edward is a quirky kid.

To be exact, the 14-year-old discovers, in the worst possible way, possessing psychic powers. That simple. When his life turns upside down in just one night, Edward will have to find out that the
world is far bigger than he has believed in his whole life. Now, accused of a crime he has never committed, the boy will have to join other teenagers as peculiar as if he wants to dive in search of
a powerful ancestral artifact that will help him correct the conspiracy thrown against his head.

What is the mysterious A.S.H and what is the origin behind such an organization? What happened on the night of your parents' death? Where did your missing sister go? The world is far more
mysterious than it ever seemed to be, but the clues always seemed to be around you.

Edward will have to discover such answers as he flees to prove his innocence and save two completely different worlds.

Table of Contents

The Uncommon Hero

Submitted: May 12, 2018

  As an ordinary 13 old teenager discovers that he is heir to a hidden past full of greatness - and falls, too - the front? Usua... Read Chapter

Parallel Paths

Submitted: May 12, 2018

    Edward hated school. Yes. With all his strength - not because of bad marks. Much less for wasting your time the... Read Chapter

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