You Were A Mistake I Should Have Never Made

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taken from my book, "Flavortism"

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018



You Were A Mistake I Should Have Never Made


I'm trying to not hate you

I really am

But you're pushing me too far

I never asked you for any proof

And now that I see

The truth that I was denying

Simply because I trusted you

You had my heart in the beginning

You really did

But now?

Now your love is "shit"

I cannot feel anything anymore with you any longer

You have sent me off to take a cold shower

Far too many times

And I can't put up with it now

You closed your legs

Like you closed your heart

We have nothing to do with each other but fall apart

Where once there was an illusion of you loving me

Now there is an undeniable reality

That I repulse you entirely


We do not share

All I do is fear your detachment

Well, now?

Now I know we ere never really attached

I was clinging onto you

While you were repelling off of me

And I was too blindly in love to see it

Well, now it's as plain as day

You won't walk with me to thee ends of thee Earth

You don't want me to stay your man

You don't even hold my hand

You don't do anything that shows you are mine

You're so involved with other men

That I don't think you give a shit for you and me

Obviously, I don't belong in your life

So why should you stay in mine?

But I've learned a lot out of this

I've learned I was wrong about us

I've learned you don't think too highly

About me

Or any of my loving

I've learned I played this game too fast

And that spinning myself in circles

Can just never last

That's all I was doing with you

Just spinning out of control

Jumping into a life with you

Just 'cause I was so desperate

To leave my parents' house

That I was trying to use you

For a way out

Well, 5 months after you left

I moved out without you

And 3 years after that

I was completely on my own

Because you never came back

And now you never can

You never wanted to have sex with me

Sex with me was just a chore

You never wanted to be seen with me

You just never knew how to let me down

Until I pushed you to

And now you've forgotten about me for sure

8 years, I have spent, wishing

And praying for a way way to undo

What should have never happened

Between me and you

And now that I'm ugly

There will never be a me and anybody else

Ever again

But I should have never loved you

'Cause what good did it do?

Just teach me a lesson?


I couldn't  have learned

Any other way

But why did I have to learn?

Nobody will give me another chance anyways

You were the mistake I should have never made


05-08-'18 #2

D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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