Rainbow Land

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Horror. Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 12, 2018

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Submitted: May 12, 2018



Rainbow Land


- What are you doing Fred?

- I'm building a boat.It's nearly finished Sarah. Grab the cats and

dogs, and get plenty of food...

- Why what's the matter Fred?

 It was on the news on T V, the weather girl told me there's some

bad weather coming this way, there's going to be a flood! Our 

cosmic landlord's upset about something!

  The rain came down, and there was lots of thunder and lightning,

but Fred and Sarah managed to sail away safely. They sailed for

many days and nights till finally the rain stopped, the clouds parted, 

and they saw a brilliant rainbow in the sky, as the waters receded.

- We'll follow the rainbow Sarah, it should lead to a safe place to


  Fred was right, they came to a lovely little cove with a brightly

covered wharf and docked their boat. They read a welcoming sign,

" Welcome to Rainbow Land, where Love is Love! We all love

eachother here! Happiness rules here! "

  Fred and Sarah were glad to be on dry land, and so were the

cats and dogs...They walked up a rainbow path towards the town.

All the buildings were painted in brilliant rainbow colours, and so

were the footpaths and streets.

- It's beautiful Fred, but what's the smell Fred? It's awful!

- It smells like shit Sarah!

  Fred and Sarah went over to have a close look at one of the

rainbow painted houses.

- These houses are made of shit Sarah, shit that's been painted with

rainbow colours. Look the whole town's the same!

  Just then a group of people with brown faces and hair, dressed in

dazzling rainbow colours approached Fred and Sarah and began

holding their hands and hugging them...

- We're so glad you escaped the flood, and came to live with us, soon

you'll be happy like us. We'll give you lots of love, you'll be just like us!


- Fred, they're made of shit too, they're walking shit covered in clothes.

What will we do?

- Run back to the boat!

  But it was too late, the rainbow people kissed and licked and sucked

Fred and Sarah until they dissolved into a smelly puddle of poo...

In the distance the cats and dogs looked on bemused, one of the dogs


- Jeez, the flies must get bad here in summmer....


© Copyright 2018 tom mcmullen. All rights reserved.

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