Union: Disaster Rises

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Writers Rift

Thousands of worlds with only a single fact that they share among themselves. War is all that is left. Fighting against foes they know cannot be beaten, all hope begins to fade to a distant memory.

However, two of those worlds soon find themselves connected in a battle that has soon become greater than just the fates of their worlds alone. With growing question, each of them shall be answered
once the endless battle reawakens a mysterious force. A force that will forever determine the outcome of the war. The power of Union will not remain forgotten any longer.

Table of Contents

Polluted in Darkness

Survival. That is all he has known for seven years. Fighting back against enemies that can not die. All hope seems lost, survival has become impossible.
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The Castle Conflict

The Polluted are not what they seem. They only have one goal. A single hidden purpose, and they'll do anything to accomplish it. A few surprises await Visteris, from both his enemies, and himself.
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Rusted Conditions

What will happen when Visteris begins to unleash a plan to escape the desolate world he's known for so long, this plan will soon unleash him onto a journey he could not have predicted. But, what is
Mystic up to at this time? And what plans does Mystic have to protect his own world?
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