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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



I'd like to uninhibitedly beckon you to my vivid and sacrosanct country,

Where rest the insuperable foundations of Mosques; Temples; Churches; Gurudwaras- devoutly worshipped by millions of people fearlessly following the religion of their choice and their invincible faith in God Almighty,

A land replenished with a multicultural blend of traditions and humanity.

A bountiful garden with opportunity to learn; melange; prosper and embrace myriad traditions that enrich the silhouette with color.

A landscape of uninhibited emotions which reaches to everyone; irrespective of caste; creed; color; tribe; religion- with humanism as its benevolent best,

A kaleidoscope of astounding charm and artistry which enthuses with its various rustic shades of originality; wildlife sanctuaries; virgin beaches; and amazingly innocuous craftsmanship,

A platform where even the most alien of visitor feels in the unbridled lap of compassionate home; where the scent of togetherness and brotherhood dissect all barriers of language,

A country which has produced the most brilliantly enthralling people in their own fraternities winning the Nobel Prize, the Olympic Gold Medal, the Cricket World Cup and the Oscar with mesmerizing aplomb,

A naturally endowed and eclectically blessed empire where true patriots and soldiers defend their motherland with the utmost pride and yet at the same time respect and embrace others with unfettered open arms - preferring peace over indiscriminately terrorizing war,

Welcome to India.

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