Inevitable Death

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Every day I polished my teeth with scintillating toothpaste; scrupulously scrapping even the most minuscule chunk of dirt trapped in the interiors within,

Every day I washed my body tenaciously with raw soap; intricately extracting even the most infinitesimal particle of dandruff from my scalp,

Every day I trimmed my nails; judiciously seeing to it that they didn't protrude even a trifle more than necessary,

Every day I placed my soggy shoes in blistering sunlight; in order to fumigate even the last ounce of fungus disdainfully adhering incorrigibly to my shoes,

Every day I ironed my clothes with a steaming iron; profoundly ensuring that every single little cringe metamorphosed itself into handsome neat folds,

Every day I applied tons of redolent powder on my skin; spraying every cranny of my armpits with rejuvenating fountains of pungent scent,

Every day I massaged soothing sandalwood paste on my cheeks; in order to impart my fatigued complexion with that immortal shine and bountiful glow,

Every day I wore expensive designer shirts; with an array of stunningly gaudy designs embossed within; making me the darling of all teenage girls,

Every day I consumed several bottles of sparkling spring water; to pacify the unrelenting fires smoldering violently in my scorched throat,

Every day I drove in a new car; letting its swanky interiors and Herculean speed flamboyantly ignite the dormant adventurer in my persona,

Every day I visited a myriad of valleys and royal palace; with a festoon of glittering images taking complete control of my fading imagination,

Every day I conversed with the most mesmerizing of fairies every existing in this Universe; let the enchantment in their eyes drown me into a valley of perpetual bliss,

Every day I suckled boundless cans of succulent food and ravishing beer; gulped and chewed indefatigably to my ultimate heart's content,

Every day I philandered in rustic cowboy boots through sprawling territories of the meadow; chasing the sheep and peacocks; blending myself profusely with the natural environment,
Every day I sighted my reflection in the most fascinating of glass on the globe for hours immemorial; sipped delectable streams of honey and herbal tea; seated within the plush interiors of the grandiloquently golden aircraft,

Every day I signed countless number of cheques with my bulky leather pen; shaking hands with towering business magnates and a flurry of prominent ministers,

Every day I listened to the most enigmatic of tunes floating passionately on this planet, relishing the mystical froth of the waterfalls cascading through my curled eyelashes,

Every day I gobbled down a battalion of robust vitamins; to fortify and replenish my body against dirt and inexplicable disease,

Every day I donated millions of currency coins amongst all those who badly needed it; dispensed the colossal treasury of my wealth with gay abandon and according to my own will,

Every day I basked in the aisles of unprecedented desire; possessing every intangible object I laid my eyes upon; with the unfathomable power of my wealth,

And yet one day; I found myself buried gruesomely under the morbid corpse; with all my so called ostentation and pretention; now thoroughly blended with small specks of smoky dirt;

Inevitable death had unsparingly mixed me along with infinite others in the soil; and the thing that I was never ready to believe at any stage of my bombastic life; had now snatched me away within fractions of seconds along with my entire mountain of so called wealth and fame.

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