Infallibly Married. Yet You Say That I'm A Bachelor!

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Invincibly married to each droplet of my golden sweat; replenishing every miserably emaciated cranny of my wailing soul; with its virtue of irrefutably spell-binding perseverance; was I,

Limitlessly married to each intrepid footstep that I traversed; wholesomely perpetuating every pore of my skin; with the spirit of timelessly rejuvenating
adventure; was I,

Insuperably married to each bountiful fantasy that I dreamt; miraculously metamorphosing every ounce of my inexplicable sorrow in my veins; into a paradise of surreally inexorable optimism, was I,

Unconquerably married to each poignant blood-drop of mine; timelessly inculcating in me the egalitarian principles of inimitably peerless and priceless humanity; was I,

Perennially married to each enchanting destiny line of mine; enigmatically assimilating the unceasingly untamed thrill of existence; which magnetically vacillated at every unfurling instant of bewitching life,

Perpetually married to each follicle of my sensuously ravishing hair; exuberantly floating with the jubilantly ecstatic currents of breeze; which transcended me beyond the boundaries of fetidly gruesome manipulation; was I,

Royally married to each fearlessly handsome of my bone; supremely exultating in my tirelessly altruistic strength; wholeheartedly utilizing every iota of the same to the service of benign living kind; was I,

Triumphantly married to each of my fantastically blessing pulse; harmoniously existing for centuries immemorial; romancing in its quintessentially effulgent swirl; was I,

Unlimitedly married to each of my blissfully reinvigorating smiles; which timelessly catapulted me to the topmost rung of victorious paradise; which was inhabited by only the aisles of unfettered desire; was I,

Interminably married to each of my unstoppably burgeoning ambitions; making me feel the most pricelessly desirous puff of euphoric breath on every step that I traversed; was I,

Unshakably married to each jubilantly scarlet blush of my cheek; which made me feel as the most sensitively nubile bride; shivering wholesomely naked under the full and profound rays of the midnight moon, was I,

Eternally married to each mischievously dancing of my eyelash; which endlessly permeated me to frolic in unabashed abandon behind the magically rain-soaked
meadows with the maidens of my choice; was I,

Unassailably married to each globule of my unpretentious saliva; which compassionately charged every element of my drearily flailing persona as it ran down my throat like impregnable electricity; was I,

Inseparably married to each pore of my brilliantly truthful conscience; which perennially repudiated every bit of acrimoniously ungainly lies from my nimble persona; was I,

Majestically married to each of my pristinely titillating goose-bump; which triggered unsurpassable thunderbolts of ardently augmenting lightening in even the most infinitesimal of my shadow; was I,

Unchallangeably married to each of cistern of empathy that dribbled from my eyes; engendering me to melt to even the most inconspicuous wail of all blessed humanity; was I,

Intransigently married to each untamed fireball of virility that torrentially wafted from my demeanor; which made me feel the most immortally righteous organism on earth alive; was I,

Infallibly married to each of my gloriously fervent breath; symbiotically harnessing the fathomless treasures of mother nature in every inhalation of my destined survival; was I,

Indomitably married to each of my beautifully passionate heartbeat; endlessly imbibing the bonds of fearlessly unparalleled love in every aspect of my impoverished existence; was I,

And yet you still say that I was a penuriously demented bachelor; yet you say that I'm a pathetically impotent bachelor; yet you say that I would forever remain a ludicrously unmanly bachelor; just and just because I didn't marry a proper woman; according to
your sets of norms and turgidly baseless idiosyncrasies; in the entire tenure of my life.

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