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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Your impeccably fascinating and nimble lids; had infatuated my despicably tyrannized eyes; to such an overwhelmingly profuse extent,
That they had forgotten to disdainfully cry; shrugging the winds of brutally traumatized anguish; forever and ever and ever.

Your freshly budding crusts of immaculately clattering teeth; had infatuated my pathetically gloomy lips; to such an unimaginably unprecedented extent,
That they had forgotten even the most diminutive definition of painstaking sadness; perennially blossoming into cloudbursts of ebullient laughter.

Your rhapsodically tinkling and tranquilly dangling lobes; had infatuated my drearily dwindling ears to such a profoundly unconquerable extent,
That they had completely relinquished the ocean of diabolically manipulative sound forever; poignantly blending their fading senses; with the entrenchment of
bountifully panoramic atmosphere.

Your celestially innocuous and mesmerizing dimples; had infatuated my nervously writhing neck to such an irrevocably overpowering extent,
That it incorrigibly refrained to maneuver even the slightest towards salaciously evil; fabulously enshrouding itself with the heavenly fruits of eternally ravishing creation.

Your magically resplendent and supremely tiny palms; had infatuated my penuriously staggering fingers; to such an Omnisciently miraculous extent,
That they unequivocally quit even the most infinitesimally insipid iota of evil; invincibly bonding with all philanthropically symbiotic mankind.

Your wonderfully regale and twinkling feet; had infatuated my morbidly wavering footsteps; to such an incomprehensibly exuberant extent,
That they perpetually marched towards the path of gloriously unflinching righteousness; spawning a fascinatingly unassailable religion of humanity; on
every step that they transgressed.

Your daintily enamoring and immaculate belly; had infatuated my disastrously famished stomach to such an endlessly supreme extent,
That it perennially expurgated even the most inconspicuous element of treachery miserably incarcerated within; handsomely replenishing itself with the seeds
of romantically unending timelessness.

Your unchallangably godly and pristine breath; had infatuated my heinously estranged nostrils; to such a tantalizingly fathomless extent,
That they exhaled only the mantra of scintillatingly priceless truth; wholesomely abdicating even the tiniest trace of malice; for infinite more births yet to unveil.
Your melodiously poignant streams of innocent blood; had infatuated my remorsefully shrinking veins to such a holistically serene extent,
That they intractably vomited all lecherously dolorous despair; majestically assimilating the gorgeously untainted charisma; of this boundlessly beautiful

And your royal fountain of immortally new born beats; had infatuated my ludicrously extinguishing heart to such an undefeated extent,
That it not only indefatigably entwined with the cradle of glitteringly compassionate love; but ubiquitously disseminated a stream of marvelous humanity to every cranny besieged with horrendously crippling despair; passionately sequestered every
devastatingly orphaned cry; in its humanitarian swirl.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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