Infidelity Galore

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Infidelity was in every of her exotically fluttering eyelashes; as she unfurled the most titillating colors of vibrant life; each time that flirtatiously winked,

Infidelity was in every crease of her royally voluptuous lips; as she invitingly smiled towards the skies; seductively pursing molten rain water as resplendent nightfall came by,

Infidelity was in every follicle of her ravishingly tantalizing hair; as she exuberantly swished a trail of fantastically ingratiating mysticism; through even the most alien paths that she tread,

Infidelity was in every globule of her eternally golden sweat; as she magically metamorphosed even the most lackadaisically monotonous cranny of organisms
into the winds of insatiable ecstasy; with the exhilarating moisture on her nubile skin,

Infidelity was in every blister of her iridescently twinkling feet; as they radiated with everlastingly unending rhapsody; under the blanket of the fabulously mesmerizing night,

Infidelity was in every ingredient of her poignantly scarlet blood; as she magnificently enticed every religion; caste; creed and tribe alike; into the swirl of her euphorically dancing and aristocratic life,

Infidelity was in every finger of her ravenously blissful palms; as she fomented untamed fires of ever-augmenting passion in even the most lugubrious of skins; with her beautifully bountiful caress,

Infidelity was in every pore of her exotically heavenly belly; as she triggered all insane morbidity around her to blossom into a paradise of spell binding loveliness; with just a nimble jerk of her hips,

Infidelity was in every reverberation of her gorgeous yawn; as she tossed and turned and relished like a pristinely embellished princess; in the aisles of everlasting laziness,

Infidelity was in every bud of her delectably raunchy tongue; as she fervently slurped the elixir of compassionate vivaciousness; profusely coalescing each of her senses with the realms of ebullient desire,

Infidelity was in every line of her orientally silken forehead; as she adorned it with differently unique shades of vermilion; at the crack of each dawn and timelessly exhilarating night,

Infidelity was in every bit of satin robe that exquisitely draped her body; spell bindingly revealing the fructifying treasuries of mother nature; a timeless river of intoxication to surge forward in enigmatic life,

Infidelity was in every contour of her ecstatically flirting shadow; teasing even the most torturously cold-blooded parasites; like a freshly embellished bride,

Infidelity was in every emollient nerve of her gregariously bustling countenance; inevitably eluding the mists of fragrant desire to voraciously kiss her; from head to triumphant toe,

Infidelity was in every arena of her fathomlessly tireless brain; as she unrelentingly fantasized about all panoramically endowing beauty on this planet; ardently embracing the arms of exotic vividness; for centuries unprecedented,

Infidelity was in every hollow of her exultatingly heaving bosom; as she culminated into an unsurpassable gorge of embarrassing goose-bumps; everytime the wind
drifted its direction solely towards her,

Infidelity was in every tune that she stupendously emanated; as she unbelievably mesmerized even the most deadened molecule in the atmosphere; with her enthrallingly enlivening huskiness,

Infidelity was in every strand of hair on her serenely enamoring flesh; standing more taller than the rock of Gibraltar and in poignant alacrity; when she victoriously emerged from the vibrantly tangy sea,

But as a matter of fact; it was the same infidelity that had attracted me; that had sensuously enraptured me beyond the realms of pragmatic imagination; that had made me a slave of her timelessly enchanting redolence; that had made me romance with her magnetic sensuousness for an infinite more births yet to unveil; that had made me immortally love her more than I could have loved my life today.

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