Infinitesimally Molecular Life

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



None was miserably black and dolorously decrepit; None was immaculately pristine and white,

None was preposterously diminutive and sanctimoniously stunted; None was limitlessly tall and unfathomable,

None was devastatedly dithering and lugubriously decrepit; None was impregnably unflinching and aristocratic,

None was truculently impoverished and treacherously incarcerated; None was unsurpassably opulent and dictatorial,

None was manipulatively bawdy and stupidly licentious; None was irrefutably truthful and sparkling,

None was diabolically pernicious and parasitically murderous; None was spell bindingly magnanimous and philanthropic,

None was discordantly cacophonic and disdainfully hoarse; None was
gorgeously mellifluous and rhapsodic,

None was insanely coldblooded and hilariously delirious; None was
patriotically immortal and blazing,

None was grotesquely distorted and hedonistically ugly; None was
bountifully resplendent and sacrosanct,

None was gauntly livid and sordidly pallid; None was ebulliently twinkling and synergistic,

None was hysterically sobbing and traumatically agonized; None was
exuberantly happy and unparalleled,

None was obnoxiously dumb and unimaginably shy; None was
flamboyantly blistering and unconquerable,

None was abhorrently naïve and disastrously oblivious; None was
astoundingly eclectic and Omnipotent,

None was lecherously maim and unimaginably slavering; None was
indomitably galloping and supernatural,

None was penuriously betraying and libidinously camouflaging; None was compassionately cozy and adorable,

None was raunchily marauding and indiscriminately dividing; None was
innocently newborn and iridescent,

None was lackadaisically stoical and laconically deserted; None was
boisterously bubbling and vivacious,

None was stupendously embellished and jubilantly marvelous; None was
indigently emaciated and threadbare,

O! Yes; For the Omnisciently Almighty Lord; everyone organism breathing and alive; irrespective of caste; creed; color; stature and tribe; was insuperably equal; was just a palpable piece of infinitesimally molecular life.

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