Infront Of The Omnipresent Almighty Lord.

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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Even the most stinkingly rich; royally sleeping all day and sensuous night; on an unsurpassable ocean of sumptuously glistening gold and silver,

Even the most invincibly untamed; decimating countless civilizations of the innocent at a singleton stroke of their finger; as they detonated their nuclear firepower,

Even the most unassailably brilliant; able to perceive and paint even the most infinitesimal iota of this fathomless Universe; in a minuscule cranny of their endowed brains,

Even the most unflinchingly fearless; treading rampantly unabashed and wholesomely naked; through the most truculently asphyxiating devils and maelstroms,

Even the most obsessively perfectionist; who not only triumphantly accomplished  the most acrimoniously monumental tasks in their lifetime; but made them a quintessential ingredient of their breath,

Even the most perennially white-skinned; who put the even the most obfuscated shades of black to bawdy shame; as they alighted only a single toe; at the most
unceremoniously unearthly hour of midnight,

Even the most enigmatically tantalizing; reinvigorating cisterns of redolently victorious life in the most deadened of carcasses; with their inimitably spell binding and inexhaustible cosmos of virility,

Even the most ardently artistic; metamorphosing even the most insouciantly feckless bits of mud; into an astounding labyrinth of timelessly ameliorating forms and shapes,

Even the most amazingly athletic; who could mold even the most inconspicuous bone of their body to any given situation; whether it be passing through an invisible
drainpipe; or whether it be walking on a thread which was an infinite feet above soil; and that too with grease on their barefoot,

Even the most brilliantly robotic; who deciphered through the most abstrusely contemporary of technology and puzzles; like merrily crunching almonds for morning breakfast,

Even the most fantastically eccentric; euphorically expending every unfurling instant of their life; to their very own desires and wishes; fathomless kilometers away from the fabric of the conventionally mechanized society,

Even the most rhapsodically effervescent; bustling into the full fervor of existence; indefatigably trying to touch the highest epitome of the clouds; every unfurling minute of bountiful life,

Even the most perpetually patriotic; altruistically ready to behead the very last bone of their skull; for deliberating even an ounce of their deceitfully incarcerated motherland,

Even the most unceasingly philanthropic; majestically entwining their fingers with every echelon of horrendously deprived mankind; insuperably ensuring the mantra of "Live and Let Live" in every direction that they tread,

Even the most unconquerably magical; evolving an unlimited entrenchment of vibrantly unshakable life; out of inanely decrepit nothingness,

Even the most blazing World Leaders; tirelessly extemporizing the complexion of this drearily strangulated planet; dexterously controlling its reigns on their slender fingertips,

Even the most victorious healers; magically transforming even the most deadliest of disease; pain and debilitation; into a paradise of compassionately emancipating freshness; with their limitless cornucopia of medicines and balms,

Even the most inexhaustibly friendly; who couldn't walk a step further on the trajectory of blessed earth; without synergistically amalgamating with infinite more of their living kind; irrespective of caste; creed; color or spurious tribe,

Even the most mellifluously vivacious; eternally transforming even the most morbidly deadened arenas of the atmosphere; into a heaven of spell bindingly enamoring togetherness,  
Were all the most sinfully castrated of beggars; were all the most inconspicuously non-existent of mosquitoes; were all the most unsolicitedly swarming pieces of shit; were all the most pulverized bits of obsolescence; were all the most tawdrily  disappearing of parasites; were all the most emotionlessly crumbling of fools; were all the most raucously wailing strands of the corpse; were all the most insensitive ingredients of meaninglessness; infront of the Omnipresent Almighty Lord.

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