Exit Wounds Chapter : 1

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A true sad story that hasn't ended yet and you'll get to witness its end

Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



Exit Wounds


~My hands are cold, my body's numb~

~I'm still in shock, what have you done?~

~My head is pounding, my vision's blurred~

~Your mouth is moving, I don't hear a word~



Sitting on the bed listening to The script's Exit Wounds is an introvert , chubby 21 years old Eva that have just ended a 6 years long relationship because she finally realized that she was never in love with that person , "cruel" some of you might say and some might say it's normal since everything started when she was 16 years old teenager , it didn't really matter she got both judgments anyways.


Obviously at that time she was listening to that song just because she likes it , she was a fan of The Script , but little does she know that she'll keep reliving this song over and over again...






She still remember that day vividly , the day she decided to ignore her family and her friend's words and break up with her boyfriend , he was 3 years older than her , he was an okay looking , very warm , friendly , rich and most importantly loved her so much.



I know , why would she breakup with such a good guy!? , that is a question she still ask herself until now and never found an answer to it , maybe she was out of her mind , she sometimes think that herself but we'll get to that later , now let me tell you a little bit about Liam , yea that's her boyfriend's name.


Liam had this crush on another girl for a long time and she knew that whoever she kept playing balls with him , back then Eva saw how Liam was upset and maybe it was curiosity back then that made her take this move but later she knew that it was just her liking the attention.


I know it's a little bit confusing and blurry but you're going to understand everything in a bit, be patient please...




" The Day she regrets until now "



Their school decided to have a little trip for 1day and 2 nights , and at the 2nd night without knowing why she suggested that they all should play spin the bottle , it'll be fun she thought , or at least that's what she convinced them with , they agreed and the game begun , and when the head of the bottle faced her one of her classmates asked if she has a crush on anyone of the people sitting in the circle , without hesitating she said : " Yea...Liam " , after that there was an awkward silent for 30 sec or something , it was just her classmates looking at both of them while Eva not losing eye contact with Liam.



After that for a whole week Liam did nothing but observing Eva from far away and Eva knew that so she did everything she knew that it'll make Liam fall for her.


After a month , Liam told one of Eva's friend to tell Eva to meet him at the School's gate at 2 o'clock.




"At 2 o'clock "


Eva went to the gate to find Liam standing there waiting for her , she awkwardly said:" what's up ? " , Liam looked at her silently for a few seconds and then said : " did you really mean what you've said on the trip while we were playing ? " , Eva gathered all she have of courage and said : " Yes " without making an eye contact and her face started to turn a light shades of red , and then she heard something she never really expected , he told her that he has been observing her for a week now and he actually started to have feelings for her.



25/2/2010 that's when everything started , when she finally got the man she wanted , the man she's going to break his heart in pieces 6 years later...



Eva and Liam start dating for a while and Eva was all over him , she concentrated on every single detail about him , how he likes his coffee , what he likes to eat , what he likes to wear...etc.

And since she has studied him so well she knew what makes him happy , therefore she always made him happy so 2 years later , Liam confesses his love for Eva , she owned him completely , but little he knew Eva was already changing , she started to understand herself , and finally after 6 years she realized that she only liked the attention she got from him , and she thought that was love, so on the 18/11/2016 Liam make this big surprise party for her and propose to her , and we all know how did that end , she rejecting it and him getting his heart broken.


You all probably hate her by now , like WTF is wrong with her!? But don't worry Karma is a bitch and she'll experience the pain she caused him several times later.


18/11/2016 the day Eva became single again , she was so happy , talking with every guy she meet and didn't feel guilty about it now that she's single , before she'd feel guilty about it since Liam was so jealous of everything , but eventually after 2 years she got sick of being single and missed being in a relationship , but no one had a crush on her nor did she , her self confidence started to fall apart little by little , she started to get fatter , and she always has been insecure about how she looks because she got judged a lot when she was a little girl , she was named " ugly , fat , cow...etc " a lot , and being single didn't help at all , so she got depressed feeling that her life is so empty , she tried everything to lose weight maybe that will make her feel better about herself but still nothing , she'd cry herself to sleep every night just hoping to be in a relationship again , she thought that will bring her confidence back , so one day Eva cried her eyes out praying to God to let someone fall for her again , and since then Eva started to look for dates online.


Date no:1

He was 1 year older than her , pretty decent and funny guy , he was an engineer from a good back ground , 175cm tall and with a really short hair , his name was Sam.

They started to talk online for a while , then on the phone , then he asked her to meet up , and they did , they met in a coffee house drank some tea together talked about anything in life , about their dreams , their hopes and everything , when Eva came back home that day Sam sent her a text message saying that he thinks he started to like her , so they kept talking for days after , doing the same going to a cafe , having a drink together , until one day Sam started to make a move , he was walking her home and he has to pass by his house first to take her home , but that time he stopped at his home , Eva was kinda confused
Eva : " why did you stop ? , something's wrong ? "
Sam : " Eva...I Haven't been in lots of relationships before , so...I'm Not really...good At this...but... " He was kinda shaking , but he decided to ignore his nervousness and came close to Eva and suddenly kiss her , Eva froze for a while not knowing what to do , if she should kiss him back or do what exactly ,after he broke the kiss , he looked at Eva , his hand still cubing her face " do you want to come up ? My parents aren't here " : he said , Eva hesitated for a few minutes since she knew what does that mean and although she was with Liam for 6 years she still was a virgin , since she came from a very strict and religious family and Liam knew that so he never actually took the first step , without realizing what her answer will leads to she said : " yes ".

Sam led Eva to his house then upstairs to his room , putting some calm music on and sitting on the bed , Eva was all nervous standing up not knowing what to do , looking around the room ," Eva , come sit " said Sam gesturing for Eva to sit beside him on the bed , Eva slowly came and sat beside him not looking at him , looking down afraid to make eye contact , Sam then held her face gently and moved her face by the chin to face him , and gently kissed her again , this time unconsciously Eva started to kiss him back , one thing led to another and Sam was the one taking Eva's virginity.

The next day Eva woke up feeling so alive , she was so happy and even doubting that she's in love , she called Sam as soon as she woke up telling him to meet up ,but he told her he's busy right now and to meet at night instead , so at night they met at the same cafe they always go to and Eva was talking and talking about everything she did that day and they asked Sam about his day , she wanted to know every single detail , but he wasn't interested to talk , he'd answer with " yes " , " no " , " maybe " , " nothing "...etc , Eva thought that this is so weird and asked him if something's wrong and he just flipped out saying nothing's wrong I just want to go home , and that day he didn't even walk her home , Eva had millions of questions unanswered but she decided to keep them inside until he feels better , so the next day she called him as soon as she woke up as usually and was shocked with what she heard, without even a greeting or anything Sam said : " this is not working , we have to breakup..."

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