KIA - Episode 2 (Tragedy of Mrs. Evans)

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When KIA is under the stress of not going into the action, Gary Norman takes it upon himself to blackmail Evans and his psychological well-being.

Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(On the News)

NEWS REPORTER - Gary Norman's henchmen, Bobby and several others were found dead at a printing warehouse. They appear to be tied up to machines printing logos of Mr. Evans' political party....

EDGAR - Oh god, just look at these fellas! They look like they've been....(turns to KIA and notices his bruises). Don't tell me you-

KIA - I did.

EDGAR - Are you insane? You realize the genetic defects that could incur?

KIA - There aren't any; stop making things up.

EDGAR - That's not the point. You're not a crime fighter! You're meant for scientific research and development.

KIA - You're under-estimating my capacity!

EDGAR - The police, the military, there are so many out there. You're not one of them, for christ's sake.

KIA - I took Bobby and his men out for framing Mr. Evans again in child product scandals. I could do that with whatever I had; maybe he's not wrong after all.

EDGAR - (Answers the phone) Hello? Oh...oh, you're welcome, I-I guess. (looks at KIA) Yes, I-I'll convey your regards (cuts the call). Mr. Evans just thanked you for what you did.

KIA - You see that?

EDGAR - Hmm....

KIA - Dad, I don't want your research to go in vain. What you've done is great for genetics; I couldn't have asked for anything better than this.

EDGAR - I'm only scared for your well-being. It's complicated enough that you were genetically designed; with all the action you get yourself into.....

KIA - It was only last night, when I turned to realize my potential as an individual. I am capable of things which no ordinary man can do; I can serve the right justice.

EDGAR - If that's your it.

KIA - You're serious?

EDGAR - We'll see how it goes. My research serum can come in handy to you too.

KIA - Is that why you agreed on this?

EDGAR - Listen, it's better to stay invisible to the human eye, especially when fighting crime. I've prepared a serum; it holds qualities of a Chameleon.

KIA - Fire me up.

EDGAR - Tomorrow.

[Scene 2]

(Gary Norman's Estate - Police Investigation)

INSPECTOR 1 - You realize what you've just done, right?

GARY - No need to keep reminding me. What do you want?

INSPECTOR 1 - I need information.

GARY - Listen, a lot of crazy stuff happens within politics, let alone your own political campaign. (Shows his hand) You see this hand?

INSPECTOR 1 - Right.

GARY - Together, they're like one political party. I can knock the other guy out, and move on. The problem is, these five fingers aren't the same....and Bobby (points his middle finger), just did that.

INSPECTOR 1 - I hear you.

GARY - It's all in the system. I mean, if I were the only one running, then it would be dictatorship, am I right?


(News Reporters rush in to collect a statement)

NEWS REPORTER 1 - The evidence seems loud and clear, Mr. Norman. What's your say?

GARY - I just spoke to the inspector, and he completely stands by when I say that not all folks from my side are great. Sure, Bobby was a phenomenal right-hand man, but who knew he was secretly trying to sabotage my opposition? I wouldn't do that for the world, that's cowardly, that's mafia-like.

NEWS REPORTER 2 - But you've been in the mafia yourself, so don't you believe it's immoral to place the complete blame on your henchmen?

GARY - Just because the man's a henchmen, doesn't mean he ain't got the smarts. I've known Bobby and the others for 15 years. I know his impulse, and I can assure you that's not mine. If given the opportunity where he wasn't brutally killed, I would've kicked him out.

[Scene 3]

(Edgar Campbell is preparing the serum for Tim Campbell, a.k.a KIA)

KIA - Is that the dose?

EDGAR - Yep. Just don't do any physical exertion the whole day. The hormones of the Chameleon will tamper with your muscular reflexes.

KIA - Right. What if something new pops up?

EDGAR - (Stares at KIA) Not tonight, Tim.

KIA - Right.

(Edgar vaccinates his son)

EDGAR - Right then, hold on to that for some time.

KIA - Any symptoms I should be aware of?

EDGAR - The usual drowsiness in about 2-3 hours. You need to be isolated in a cold room for the next 24 hours.

KIA - Alright. I can set the air conditioner for that. Nutrition wise?

EDGAR - You'll have to be on a diet this whole day. You can eat nuts, but not whole meals. It'll redirect its target towards your metabolism then; the focus is to tamper with your camouflage abilities.

KIA - Right. I'll be in the room setting up. What about radiation from radio waves? Do I use my phone?

EDGAR - For now just leave it aside. Be in complete isolation in your room. I'll see you tomorrow morning.

[Scene 4]

(At Evans' estate)

EVANS - Look at that, lying piece of shit.

WIFE - I can't watch this. Is this necessary?

EVANS - What are you talking about?

WIFE - You're up against that monster. He just killed our son!

EVANS - I know but-

WIFE - I want none of this!! You either pull out of this, or I'll end it.

EVANS - Is that a threat? You're threatening me??

WIFE - Of course I am!! (gets emotional) O-Our son...(sobs) gone like that.

EVANS - (Hugs her) I know, w-what can we do? (sobs) the lord will protect us, and his poor soul.

(doorbell rings)

WIFE - (Answers the door) Who's it?

(The man is wearing the t-shirt of Evans' party)

WIFE - Honey! Someone from your team! (looks at the man) He's in the living room.

(The man walks closer towards the wife; the wife feels uncomfortable)

WIFE - Um...sir?

EVANS - (Looks at the man) Dear? W-Who's that?

MAN - (Strikes a knife before the wife's neck) Don't move!!

EVANS - Hey!! Hey!!

WIFE - Evans!!!! (fearful) Help me!!!

MAN - I'll kill her, you son of a bitch!!

EVANS - Get off her! You want me?! Come at me!!

MAN - Don't call security!!! Call security, then she gets it!!

EVANS - (Backs off from the estate intercom) Please, I-I'll give you anything!

MAN - Oi!! Come in!!

(More people enter the house, wearing the t-shirt of Evans' political party; they tie Evans' hands behind a set of bars in the living room)

MAN - Now just watch.

EVANS - Honey!!! No!!!!!! Get your arms of her!!!! You perverted bitches!!!!! NO!!!!

(after a moment)

MAN - Alright! Clear up!

MAN 2 - Didn't one of us have to stay behind?

MAN - Oh that! (releases Evans' from being tied). Keep hold of him; you know what to do when they enter.

MAN 2 - Got it.

[Scene 5]

(Gary Norman's Estate - Gary is eating his dinner)

PA 1 - Sir! Sir! There's a problem at Evans' estate.

GARY - What is it?

PA 1 - The wife, she got gang-raped.

GARY - (Spits out his food) What the fuck?!

(The police ring on Evans' door - they enter)

INSPECTOR 2 - Freeze! What happened?

MAN 2 - Sir, what do we do now? (looks at Evans)

EVANS - (In shock) W-What?

MAN 2 - Sir, come on, you said no trouble.

EVANS - (Strangles him) Y-You devil!

(Police separate the two)

INSPECTOR 2 - Oi! Cut it out! The hell happened here?

EVANS - This bastard and his goons gang-raped my wife (sobs).

INSPECTOR 2 - What?!!

EVANS - They tied me, and made me watch!!

INSPECTOR 2 - Why you...(slaps the man). You sick bastard (checks out his shirt). Evans! What is this??

EVANS - That's fake!!! He's not even from my party!!

MAN 2 - Really, sir? I thought you were with me on this.

INSPECTOR 2 - What?!

MAN 2 - He wanted to frame this incident on Gary. What a freak, didn't even let me change t-shirts.

EVANS - You motherfucker!!! Take that back!! Right now!!

INSPECTOR 2 - Where's the body?!

(they check the body)

INSPECTOR 2 - My god...(in shock).

EVANS - No!!! (cries) What've they done!!

INSPECTOR 2 - This is very serious, get her to a hospital.

[Scene 6]

(Edgar turns on the TV)

NEWS REPORTER - This is just in, Mr. Evans' wife has been gang-raped by a group of members from his own party....

EDGAR - (In shock) What! (Goes through the internals of the news coverage).

(He approaches KIA's room, but encounters a flashback voice, warning him not to)

FLASHBACK VOICE - (Monica Campbell's voice) Don't you dare play with my son's life like a lab rat!

(Edgar refrains from knocking on his door, when he is in isolation)

[Scene 7]

(Press interview with Gary Norman)

GARY - The tragedy to Mrs. Evans is very disgraceful. This is not how we operate as a system in this society.

NEWS REPORTER 3 - Rumors spread and believe that you've been involved in emotional blackmailing in this case.

GARY - Listen, I'm well aware that I was in the mafia in the past. I'll say it over and over again; I am past that. Now this is politics, and even if I could, I can't do something like that because it's not healthy politics. Secondly, being someone with a huge stature, I can't get away with a crime like that, and we're talking Mayor's seat at stake for both of us.

(After the Press Report)

PA 1 - Be more subtle next time. Don't hint out your possibility of involvement.

GARY - I gotta maintain the fact that I was indeed in the mafia before. 

[Scene 8]

(At the hospital - Autopsy by forensic scientists; after data collection)

SCIENTIST 1 - We got some thumb impressions and some blood samples. We'll take this to the lab and further investigate.

INSPECTOR 2 - Thank you, and hurry quick with the results.

(At the ICU)

DOCTOR - The injury is very severe. Her genitalia has been severed very badly.

INSPECTOR 2 - Any other injuries?

DOCTOR - She's currently unconscious. She's a bit traumatized, so to speak. We're yet to conduct Echo and X-Ray scans to examine for any bone and cardiovascular damage.

INSPECTOR 2 - Alright, thank you.

EVANS - (Tears) Unbelievable.

(They both sit outside the ICU)

INSPECTOR 2 - I want you to know that, you're off the hook. I know it's not you in the first place.

EVANS - I'm glad you acknowledge that.

INSPECTOR 2 - What do you mean?

EVANS - The last inspector I spoke to, had Gary's crime records erased.

INSPECTOR 2 - It's all in the power struggle. It's part of what makes politics a very disgusting business. You realize ever rat in this society could run your well-being?

EVANS - Sure.

INSPECTOR 2 - I've been a big time cop for more than two decades. I can tell a hint or two about political blackmailing.

EVANS - You know?

INSPECTOR 2 - We all know it's Gary. We just don't have enough power to take action.

EVANS - Why not?

INSPECTOR 2 - It's election season. We have to take precautions in leading such investigations. I can't greatly sway the polls as such.

EVANS - Inspector, you do realize that a crime is a crime. No matter what, if he gets elected, that bastard is gonna run Chiltern.

INSPECTOR 2 - As much as I would like to, the law doesn't permit me. (Gets up) I wish you get back on your feet, and recover from this nightmare. Prayers to Mrs. Evans (leaves).

[Scene 9]

(KIA's Isolation Room. He experiences the transformation. He gets up and places his hands against the blue wall for 10 seconds, after which his hands camouflage. He now turns on the TV to learn of the tragedy that occurred to Mrs. Evans)



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