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An interview with the writer: JustAnarchy.

Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



He walked into the room, just as she eased herself back into the bath, shoulders resting against the warm porcelain, pushing the bubbles of her honey body soup out, covering all the places he was trying to see. Her underwater love became frothy and foamed, rabid and thirsty as she marinated in the candle-lit relaxation of his hunger.


Question 1: Who is your favorite character that you have written about?


Answer 1:  
Well, thanks for the hard question but if I summed it all down to the characters I've written, my favourite would be Jace from my novel 'The Price We Pay'. No matter what he did, he didn't think of the consequences; not even after he had done whatever he was up too. He always spoke with brutal honesty and whatever was on his mind, and most of the time it came out as proper dirty comments, or it was just telling someone what he truly thought about them, and/or their actions. Jace had just become one of those characters that I couldn't kill off, like I did with some characters throughout that novel, haha.



While she lay there, her soft supple skin became clearer to see, as the water became clearer.


Question 2 : What is your favorite genre to write in and why ?

Answer 2:

My favourite genre of all is Romance. But more specifically, Dark Romance.
With Dark Romance, so to speak, I have more leeway with what I can do. Romance, not so much.
In this genre I am able to have my hero not be the hero, have a sense of power to him and have him do as he pleases because that’s the way he views life. I can have my heroine be dis-powered by the hero and it won’t look so bad, not like it would in a Romance. I love writing a good Dark Romance because I can write taboo topics and have wrong-doings that just wouldn’t fit, or suit, a Romance. And just to end this novel, I don’t even have to have that sappy happily ever after, I can have that happily ever after with someone having a bullet between their eyes, or just ending it with a mad sex scene because if I had a sappy ever after, it just wouldn’t fit in with a Dark Romance. The other bonus is I can put more crude humour throughout it and I love me some crude humour. But the con is that everything can’t just be done halfway, it has to be balls out or go home.



He started to see the places he hungered for, her secret private and hidden moments, that she tried to keep hidden from his eyes, for his own sake.



Question 3: When you write, how do you "do it" ? Just start typing and see what happens ? Go back and add, then continue ? Write it all all out, then delete and put something new in ? Whats your "strategy" ? Or, what is your "ease in the plan of attack" ?

 Answer 3:
Alright, bare with us because honestly, I probably won't make sense at all. I'm good at doing that. When I go to write a novel, pretty much the only things I plan in a novel is the general summary/plot, character names and the fake cities/towns they are from or going to, I don't really like using real cities/towns/countries (though, it's mostly set in a fake city/town in Australia). Majority of the time, I just let the story take me wherever it wants to go. Hand on heart, I don't even know how the novel is going to end until I get to like the 2nd last or 3rd last chapter of the novel. I'm just as surprised as the reader; sometimes I even break my own heart, and sometimes cuss myself out as well, hahaha! I don't think it's a good way to write a novel, just letting it take me where it wants to go but somehow, it just works for me and I somehow pull out a decent novel that's worth reading. And when I write a short story, god knows what's going to happen there, hahaha!


As he noticed the complexity of her flesh, hungering inside to unlock a way to understand her, she stood. The bathwater glistening down, exposing the answer to questions he never thought to ask.


Question 4: How do you write? What is the method to your beautiful madness?


Answer 4 :
I honestly don't know if you would call this a method because I don't. Minus the fact that I just write with no detestation to anything, I write drafts chapters and short stories, then I will go back and rewrite the drafts. I started doing this about 2 years ago and it has probably been the smartest thing I have done with writing, haha.


 She was, in that curvy moment, finally understood by his eyes. 


Question 5: As a writer, where do you get your inspiration from ?


 Answer 5:

It's hard to pin point exactly where I find inspiration for writing. But the three things do to mind when I think about where my inspiration comes from. Novels, pictures and music. I think I'm not the only one in this basket, haha.
When I read a novel and I like what the novel is based around (ie: motorcycle clubs, rich men/women, rock bands), I'll go and do my own take on the subject. I mean novels about motorcycle clubs have been like an obsession for a couple years now, so of course I'm going to try and write something as good as the novels I've read, haha. Pictures play a big part too, because when I'm looking for a cover picture, sometimes I find a picture that will spark something and then whoops, got another idea, haha. And music, well music plays a big part in scenes I write and inspire those emotions to come forth. If it's like a party scene, well you gotta have that party music happening to get in the zone, haha.


Her shape of her finality became revealed; with certainty. He tried to drive the thoughts away, now, but as he had waited for this time, for the chance, he had no choice to but to look on and witness the thing he could never have imagined.


Question 6: Why did you first start writing/sharing your stories, and do you feel the same or differently about writing/sharing your stories?



 Answer 6:
I only have one reason why I started writing and that was because I needed a way to deal with my cousin's death only a few months prior to be turning to writing. It wasn't until four months later that I came across Booksie during a google search for writing sites that I started sharing my work. I still till this day have no idea why I started sharing my work, I guess it was just something to do with my work, I'm not sure, haha.
I definitely do feel differently about writing and sharing my work. I'm more confident now because I've found what I'm good in, I know what it takes to write a novel that's good enough to read/write and what it takes not to drag a novel out like I use too. Though, writing is still away to get emotions out, it's also more of a fun hobby, too. And I definitely do feel differently about sharing my work because back then, I was always shitting myself every time I posted something, and always worried about what people were going to think about it. Now, I know that there is going to be people who are either going to love it, or they're going to hate, there's no in between.

Her skin, her beautiful body, started to become transluscent. Her shapely structure, seemed to lose all form as the bones under her skin, gave way to a new shape. Her eyes, those bright green eyes like new born emeralds, suddenly became opaque. Then, suddenly as if he blinked much too fast, she was gone, and just a puddle remained, as he heard the splash of her dissaperance.
He smiled, like he always did. Just like last time; and, gathered up all the water of her last moments, into a tiny cup.
He drains the tub, replaces the stopper and pours the contents of his collection into the basin of his last memory; of her.
Letting the water run again, he fills the bath, one more time, but not for the last; knowing she will reappear, just as beautiful as the last time he saw her.
Just as mysterious as the last time, she let him look.
Thank you Anarchy,
re-write the rules they have given us,
let us follow in own own foot-steps,
 let us be the ones,
to lead ourselves.
Without shape, form, or expectations,
through their eyes.
Whatever may come,
the best for us,
the best for them.

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