i'm the orphan with a dream

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who new a new mental man who looks homeless could be my favorite person in the world. the question is will he stay for the ride or chicken out when he sees how far the jump is?

Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



I'm an orphan looking for a place to stay, i've been a orphan since i was dropped off at this place for some reason no one ever adopted me. Here they are blunt about anything. If you are dying they say you want to keep dying slowly or just now, they would carry rifles with them and never be scared to shoot. We are forbidden to talk to them, i don't know why. When I was first here I was 6, now im 16. They say once i'm 18 i can get out of here. But if i'm being honest i've never seen someone leave. People go into rooms with 2 guards and they say when you hear a gunshot that means they have been released to the place where they belong.. And if they scream it's because they can’t handle being out again. I'm not sure why i'm here I think i'm pretty normal other than being an orphan I have nothing in common with these people.


Today there was a new arrival. He was tall, long hair, bushy eyebrows. Overall he looked homeless. But what do I care I look like a total piece of trash, which is why i was left in the trash they day i got here. My parents said we were playing hide and seek one of them told me to hide in the trash, it was the best hiding spot. I didn't think of it too much. But now that i'm here and i've been thinking about it. I've been thinking where my family is. if my life is ever gonna change but that's when he interrupted. He would not leave me alone i NEVER socialized with anyone here. After a while he calmed down. And he was no longer on my bad side. I had become very close with him. We just connected and well I didn't mind it. I craved for attention inside but the outside would just chase people off.


We have this thing where in the summer we get to go out and get our hair and all that fixed, you pick one other person and I picked liam since he was the homeless newbie. I've heard a lot of rumors about him but there were rumors about me too so i never care to listen. So my partner was liam and we get the money by working but since liam was new he didn't have much. 1st we went to a barber shop I forced him in there he didn't want to but i made him. They made me wait outside so I just went to go buy some food. I ran into a really cool store so I went in and I saw this suit and it was perfect. I bought it without thinking twice. liam doesn't look like he owned a lot of clothes so I bought this because we have a dance in the fall. They have this dance because the state requires it so that most teens don't get depressed and commit suicide. I never really thought about how important that was I would usually just sit in the hall thinking. But ever since Liam got here everything has been more fun. I guess you can never judge a guy who looks like a homeless man. He was nice funny and he like me so thats all i really cared about. Anyways while i was walking back to the barber shop there was this man outside the store I just got out  and he was just calling me names. He started following me i began to run into the barber shop. But then of course I TRIPPED right in front of everyone. The suit had fallen and was all muddy i didn't know what to do I just began to cry. I hadn’t cried in a while but thats when this man walked outside chased the guy away and helped me up. I was still crying and the suit was in my hand soaking. I ran looking for Liam because he doesn't know this town but when i walked in the barber shop but he wasn’t there. My heart began to race. I don't think I lost him that fast. I began to cry. The barber who was cutting his hair said what was wrong. So I told him and he said it was the one that helped me up.


I was in shock I didn't know how to react at the moment I was frozen but when i saw him outside picking up the suit from the ground. I realized it was him. I was in numbness right there and he began to hug me. I never let anyone hug or touch me. But his touch was something it was soothing it helped me get myself together. My head got to his chest and before that I was in his arms. He asked me what the suit was for and I told him it was for him but it was ruined. He smiled and said I didn't have to do that. But Before I dozed off I told him because I wanted to go to the fall dance with him. I woke up in a while with a sharp pain. I was in bed and i couldn’t move. I got scared, you never know what happens. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I was in a room by myself. I thought the worst that would happen to me.


Liam walked in and sat in the bed with me. I didn’t recognize him. I asked the him if i could talk with liam. He smiled and said sure. He walked out and then walked back in, he began to laugh, I didn’t see what was so funny So i began to get mad. I got up but then he forced himself on me to sit down. I was just about to scream when he covered my mouth. And when he laughed I realized that was him. I began to blush and went into hiding under my blanket. He laughed and pulled the blanket. He laughed saying i've never seen you so red, which just caused me to get even redder. At that point he said if I remembered anything from yesterday. He looked worried so I did not give into much detail. I asked him why he carried me here and he said i cut myself. And that's when I looked at my leg and there was a huge scar there. I asked him why it was already almost healed if it had only happened yesterday. He turned to me with a sad face saying I had been in coma for over 3 weeks. I'm not sure why he was sad if i was the one who just wasted over 3 weeks of my life. I asked the date and that when I realized it. I HAD MISSED THE FALL DANCE. I asked him to leave the room and when he did he left a note. I just started throwing stuff i was so mad at myself. I didn't want to miss it. I had a DATE and i messed it all up. I needed some air so I opened the window and when i got up there was a box And that's when i noticed the letter too. I opened the letter and all of a sudden i began to laugh and my anger left me. I opened the box and it was the most beautiful thing I had seen. You might be wondering what the letter said but that will just be our little secret. I'm not sure what he did in these last 3 weeks. But I went to go check with the nurse and she had said that he would visit me 3 times a day. I would usually find that creepy but it was sweet.


Couple of days have passed and I would have check ups to see how i'm doing. I wasn’t sure why I was in coma because i had just fell and gotten hurt a bit. But I wished I never asked them why.

They told me it was because they were trying to kill me. Apparently the guy who was chasing me had a needle with something in it and he had shot me with it,he stuck threw something which caused me to trip, they said I woke up for a little, screaming in pain but i don't remember. They said the needle had broken inside of me and they didn't realize it until I had woken up. They took me back to sleep but they did something that caused me to go into coma but when they came back to take it out it was no longer there. They couldn’t explain what happened. I just thought that a doctor came in without them knowing. They have no video evidence, the camera had glitched out and only got a couple of shadows. I had brought up the supernatural but they said that I must be crazy, and that is the reason why im here. I didn’t understand, i said i'm here because i'm an orphan. I just ran into an empty room i sat on the floor for a while until i realized I had gotten down to the wrong floor. i've never been here. That was until i saw someone walking. I tried to hide a bit. But when i turned around liam was right there he had scared me so bad i had almost screamed.


I asked him what he was doing down here and he told me he saw me running down here. He wanted to check on me and make sure I wasn’t going to do anything i would regret. I Turned to him saying I don't want to die here. My dream is to meet my parents before i die and try and have a future. I didn’t want to stay here all my life. I've been here for 10 years already I don't want that number to go up anymore. I've heard of one person getting out of here, he was a man he left seeking for a better life. He tried to help kids and no one supported him so he had given up, he left to a city and no one ever heard of him again.


They say if you have been and orphan for a while then you will most likely never have a normal life. But I am determined to change that. We walked around a bit. But then we smelled something, it was horrible. It smelled like meat going bad, like blood, and clorox. All at the same time. We went looking for the stairs, but we were lost. We went into a room. We thought is was empty but the smell was worse. I turned around and a body laying on the bed. I nearly shit my pants. The skin was taken off. The sheets were drenched in blood. You could see the tendons and veins. Her eyes were open an so was her mouth. It looked as if she had a piece of paper inside. I grabbed it while liam was looking around. The paper read “ don't Trust anyone, just because they seem like you they can cause so much destruction.” Liam found the woman's diary under the cabinet. We left and sneaked out but heard some type of machine in the next room we peeked through the window, there was a doctor but the woman seemed to be strapped down, and that when SPLAT there was blood and a piece of her skull on the window. We ran back,I could hardly catch my breath. We went up a couple of steps and stood for a bit catching up what had just happened. I realized he had brought the diary of the woman's. What was he thinking. Honestly i just didn't care I just wanted to get out of there. We ran back to my dorm and sat down to catch our breath. I took the diary from him and asked him why he brought it he said he wanted to see why she was here. There is a reason why people are here. I responded with this is an orphanage she was obviously an orphan. He turned to me and said you think your here only because your parents left? I just said yes there is no other explanation for why i'm here. He asked me why they left me, I said Because they couldn’t handle or want me.

He turned around laughing say, nobody is here by choice. Everyone is special in their own way. I responded saying mentally retarded. He stood up and said to me “ you have no idea what anyone has been through here, you are not the only one with a bad past so STOP MAKING IT ALL ABOUT YOU. I didn’t know what to say. Right before he left the room he said you have powers use them wisely. They have you here to perform experiments on you and try to extract from you. He left the room I tried to run after him but by the time i got out he was gone. I didn’t get it. If i am special or have powers then why would my parents abandon me like that. You would think if someone is that special you would want them to stay. But then again there is always and evil person in the story but my question right now is if im that evil person. And if I am how do I stop it. How do i not hurt anyone. I need answers but I can't just talk to anyone about this.


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