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Submitted: May 13, 2018

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Submitted: May 13, 2018



The stray dog on the street had an inevitable instinct to wag its bushy tail
when ecstatic,
Garrulously bark at irate trespassers; who hurled irregular stones at its shriveled persona.

The leotard skinned cat; had an insatiable instinct to lap vigorously at frosty milk,
Purr in its ubiquitously pungent voice; when tickled intensely in the ribs.

The twin horned cow; had an involuntary instinct of swishing its slender tail;
to drive away buzzing flies,
Laboriously chewed loads of grass; before preparing to snooze on the bare tarmac.

A battalion of ants on the floor; had inborn instincts of walking in groups,
Injected their acrimonious sting; the moment they sighted bare flesh in proximity.

The birds soaring high in sapphire carpets of satin clouds; had effusive instincts of chirping melodiously,
Did so at the onset of every evanescent dawn; and the unveiling of stormy night.

The slimy frogs residing in shallow realms of the cloistered pond; had a disdainful instinct to croak,
The instant tumultuous showers of rain; pelted down from the sky in fury.

A cluster of animate roses emanating from brown soil; had a perpetual instinct
to diffuse fragrance,
Sleep with its articulate petals closed; as vigils of dusk strangulated bright light.

The serrated brown lizard on the wall; had a vindictive instinct of spurting blood from its eyes,
The instants it got provoked by kin; envisaged signals of being mutilated.

The frivolous monkey perched up in the entwined branches of tree; had mischievous instincts to imitate,
As he cast his eyes on surrounding organisms; scrupulously emulating their plethora of emotions.

And humans breathing air on sacrosanct soil of the universe; had a natural instinct to love,
Mutually interact; spreading waves of harmony, bliss, and compassion,
Procreating infinite numbers of their own kind,
Irrespective of cast; creed; religion and the hour of day they were born and witnessed first rays of brilliant Sunlight

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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