C for Silence

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Amy is just an innocent girl, but what she finds next is unexpected.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



Amy woke up from a bed. What she didn’t know, was that she was chained to it. So when she tried to get off the bed, the chain pulled on an alarm that was triggered by force. Instantly after the alarm went off, a man barged into the room with an axe.

“You’re finally awake, are you?” the man snarled.

Another thing that she just noticed, was that there was a gag in her mouth, so she couldn’t reply to the menacing man.

“I have surprise for you.” growled the man. He went to open the door. Once he opened it, a German Shepard came in, foaming from its mouth. “It’s your gift. I’m glad you like it.” The man turned around, and left the room, then locked the door behind him.

The dog was now sitting on the her bed, at the very end. Amy moved her leg, and the dog growled. As she moved her other leg, he growled once more, stepping forward, bearing his teeth.

She looked around the room, and one of her bobby pins sitting on a desk next to her. She tried grabbing for it, but then the alarm went off again.

Once again, the man came barging in the room.

“What are you up to, eh? Trying to escape? Well let me tell you somethin’: there’s no way out, you hear? No way.”

He walked out and walked back in with a bowl and a fork. He then set it on her stomach. He took off the gag on her mouth, and fed her the noodle soup that was in the bowl. After was finished feeding her, he picked up the bowl, and walked out of the room, and locked the door behind him. But he forgot one thing: the fork. She grabbed the fork, and carefully maneuvered her arms towards the bobby pin. Amy reached for the bobby pin with the fork, and snagged it on the tip of it. She withdrew the fork and grabbed the bobby pin. Sadly, she didn’t know how to pick locks, so all she did was put in the bobby pin through the lock. She unlocked the first hand chain. Now she had both hands open. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that the dog was still there. The dog started barking it’s head off and Amy quickly put back on the chains, but only half way, so she didn’t have to do it again. The man came in with the axe want more, and Amy pretended to sleep.

“Why you causin’ trouble, boy, huh? Can’t you see this woman is tryin’ to sleep. Follow me and I’ll feed ya.”

Amy heard the footsteps depart, along with the click-clacking  of the dog’s claws.

Once she couldn’t hear anything, she leaned up, and started to pick the locks on her ankles. After she was done, she saw that the door was open. She went over there, and closed the door quietly. She ran over to a nearby window, but being careful so her footsteps could not be heard.

She tried to open it, but it would budge. She ran to the other one, and found it wide open. Amy still had the bobby pin, so she decided to jam the lock on the door. Amy then stuck the bobby pin in the lock, the shoved it in as deep as it would go. Amy ran to the bed, grabbed the blanket and sheets, tied them, and threw it out the window.

She tied the top of the rope to the foot of her bed. Amy ran to the edge of the window and saw that the rope was only half way down the house. She was glad that she jammed the lock on the door, because there was a loud rattle on the doorknob, then a loud banging on the door. She took her chances and jumped out and grabbed the rope. She came to an abrupt stop as the rope ended. Amy realized that she was closer to the ground than she had thought, and dropped. But as soon as she did that, she heard a loud buzzing noise going in pulses, and the sound of wood cutting. The man had a chainsaw!

She got distracted and lost her footing as she landed, and she tumbled down a hill. Or at first it was a hill. She rolled down the mountainous slope and hit the back of her head on the back of a boulder.

Amy woke up a few hours later with a massive headache, and she didn’t remember what had happened. She got up and walked down the mountain. She assumed that she was on a hiking trip with a friend, and just rolled down and hit her head. Amy soon reached flat ground and saw what looked like a newly built little hut. She knocked on the door, or at least she thought she knocked. Amy didn’t hear her own knock, but a woman came to the door, looked past her, looked around, and closed the door. She was confused, and walked back up the mountain. She saw red and blue lights flashing up ahead. She ran up the hill to investigate, and saw police and paramedics surrounding a body lying against a big rock. She pushed her way past, and saw something she didn’t want to.

It was her body, lying against the rock.

Every piece of the puzzle was now coming into place: Her escaping from the mad guy, rolling down the hill, hitting her head, knocking on the woman’s door but couldn’t hear her knocks. And she could hear the sirens coming from the police or paramedics’ cars. She couldn’t even hear them speaking.

Amy realized a truth that she would have to get used to from now on: She was dead, but know lived among the spirits, but alone, with everything silent.

Before she knew it, she was writing one word on any tree that she could find. One word and one word only:



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