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Eric and Three friends try to ditch school.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018




I love history. I was always reading about Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Tomas Edison and more like them. I love going to history class and learning more about the world’s history. However, all the other classes suck. English is fine, but boring as hell. Spanish is really hard to learn. Gym is very useless. I’m not fat nor too athletic. I hate art class because I can’t draw to save my life. Science is not very interesting to me. Here’s the worst class and its math. The formulas are stupid; homework are pointless because it does not help. The teacher doesn’t know how to teach, and the less I said about quizzes and tests better. Point is I don’t like everything about schools. So me and three of my friends decide to ditch school. On that day me and my friends have a crazy adventure.

It’s was normal day at school. My three friends Nick, Cedrick, and Larry come to school with me. We all in the same classes which makes the painful classes easier to get through. Before we get to our lockers we go to cafeteria for breakfast.  The school’s food taste like bricks slabbed with butter on them. The cafeteria is long room with rows of tables and chairs. We sit at the front of the cafeteria because we like to leave early. The tables are square rectangle shape. We each sit on two sides facing each other. We either talk about the latest music videos or do homework. Today we talk about something different.

“Hey Eric. I heard the history teacher was out today” said Cedrick. I look at him with smile thinking he maybe just joking. He had on gray hoodie, jeans and Nike Sneakers. He looks back at me with his serious face.

“What you can’t be serious.” I said. That’s the only class I look forward towards. If the teachers not there, then I should have stay the hell home. When a teacher is not here they turn it into a study hall. I sitting hitting my head about to go through a day without history class.

“Why don’t we just ditch school” said Nick.


“That’s just impossible” said Larry. Nick always have these crazy ideas. He had on blue hoodie, black jeans, and blue and black Vans. He usually the wild one of the group. One time he orders a pizza for lunch at school and got a one-day suspense. So him thinking of this is not out of the ordinary. There could be problems with skipping school. First if a teacher catches us we be in detention. Second if teacher’s pet saw us leaving they tell the teacher and call our parents.

Cedrick than sigh and said “Do you really think we can skip school.” Cedrick was the shy and smart guy of the group. He had on a vest and dress pants. He also had on dress shoes too. He pretty much a lady’s man. He came to class beat up by some thugs to protect a girl.  I look at Nick with the look of curiosity thinking it could be possible. At this point I will take whatever stupid plan Nick came up. Larry than point at the teachers who was taking in circle near the double doors.

“Most of the teachers haven’t noticed us” he said. I look around and the teachers don’t seem to have noticed us. There are about 300 students in the cafeteria and 25 teachers so they won’t see all of us. Larry was the guy with money. He smokes and eat a lot of junk food yet looks like he hasn’t eaten in days. He had on smoke weed everyday shirt under his dark green shirt. He was going to get in trouble if we didn’t skip school. I thought to myself “This could work”. After breakfast the teachers who watch us lets us go to our lockers. We than came up a plan to leave the school.

The bell than ring and all the students started to head to their lockers. We blended in the crowd of high school kids and on the way to the bathroom. Our bathrooms are big and have 7 toilets and 5 sinks. 5 toilets were in stalls so we hid in there. We all made to the bathroom and hid in the stalls.

“This is stupid” said Cedrick. The rest of us laugh at him.

“You didn’t have to come with us” I said. I was standing up in the stall pretending to go to the bathroom. Cedrick than moron and he went quiet. We here the horde students walking to their lockers. It’s 8:50 everyone should be in their first class by 9:00. The noise from the halls started to settle. I look at my Samsung Galaxy 9 and look at the time. The time was 8:59. Then the morning announcements came on. The principles voice came flooding throughout the bathroom. They sing the pledge, told what events going on today, call the names of bunch students. Then the intercom went off.

“Finally” Nick said. We all got out of the stalls with sigh of relief.

“If stay in their any longer a might just throw up” he said. We laugh softly just so no one won’t hear us. Nick than went to the door and stick his head through it. He then turns back and shake his head. We all than walked out of the bathroom and started to follow Nick. Nick knows this school like the back his hand and know the perfect way to sneak out. We all follow him down to the basement of the school and follow him to the back door.

“This is going very well” said Cedrick. Nick turn around with smug look on his face.

“Well what us did you expect from me” Nick said still having the smug look on his face.

“I expect you to get to your class” said a voice. I drop of fear ran down my pants as I recognized that voice. I turn around and saw behind me the gym teacher Mr. Stormborn.

Mr. Stormborn was standing behind us. His face had a twisted angry look on it. He was wearing a polo T-shirt and shorts. He was also wearing Nike sneakers. The four of us was like ants to him. He was tall guy with nice cut hair. Nick and Cedrick was looking at Stormborn scared. The two of them didn't like Mr. Stormborn because they were the ones who get yelled at the most by him.

"What are you four doing down here" Mr. Stormborn said. I swallowed my throat and look at him. He looks at me.

"We were coming from the bathroom and we heard something downstairs, so we came to check it out" I said in a desperate voice. Mr. Stormborn anger turn into frustration.

"All right the four of you get to your class" he said. I was so scared that I have to go to boring class I was about to go off on this guy. I didn't because if I did he have me doing 50 laps around the school. I turn around to see Cedrick and Larry behind me. However, I didn't see Nick. I though he just ditches us, but then he suddenly he is behind Mr. Stormborn with a bucket full of dirty water from the mop. He looks at me and nod his head. I know what it means. It means drop and bop. I than move my leg and trip the teacher. Nick than slammed the bucket over his head. Water came pouring out all over him and the bucket was over his head. Than Cedrick grabbed the mop from the and hit Stormborn on the head where the bucket was. At that moment Nick told us to run. We all turn around open the old door and ran. We ran so fast it was like we were running in a marathon. We were running a football field. Larry was front of me at the head of the pack. Me and Cedrick was at the middle, and Nick was behind. We ran to the train station which was a mile up the street. We finally get there and we are all exhausted.

"Are you crazy" Cedrick said as he is catching his breath. Nick catching his breath was standing near the tracks.

"We were already in trouble. What's a bucket over the teacher head do" said Nick? I was tired and exhausted.  We just dump over trip and dump dirty water over a teacher and ran from school. The police and our parents are probably going to find out. So we decide to go on the bullet train and head to go to the mall.  The Mega Mall is on the other side of the city and could take 30 minutes to get there.

We were at back of the train.  I was sitting on the hard seats of the train. Larry was standing up near the window. While Cedrick and Nick sit across each other smile at each other.

“That felt so damn good” said Cedrick. He was lean back on the chair still try to catch his breath. Larry was laughing at the crazy stunt the three of us did.

“Good moves Eric. I think you can trip the steroids using teacher” said Nick. I didn’t think I just did it. I’m not very strong I than think I could do it. The crazy things the four us do when we work together is awesome. We should be heroes in comic book. The train was riding along the tracks and we four just talked until we made it to our stop. We all got off and went to the mall. The mega mall is huge and expensive. There also fast food restaurant in there to. We all came in and went to the food court.  We went to Mc Donald’s for some real breakfast and we sat there and ate. As we laugh and talk about girls and games.  I than look at my phone I realized that history class is over.

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