magical people ch 2: the apprentice of a pisces

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in this chapter we get to see zeros master awake and see unexpected happenings.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



Narrator:  after several hour of waiting the time had come for zero to meet his master yet again.


Zero: i hope you all know that i’m completely against this.


Drew: why do you hate your master so much zero? You’re the only pisces with his blood in the world that makes you one of a kind.


Zero: you'll find out why real soon. Just so you three know try not to focus too much on him focus on me.


Drew and twins: ok.


Narrator: a few moments later, a man with eyes similar to that of the yin yang sign come out of a beautiful pool of water, without a single drop on him.


Drew: ( on one knee) king pisces we come with a request to ask of you.


King pisces: ahh if it isn't leo's child, what do you want.he says in agitated voice.


Narrator: suddenly zero comes forward to speak.


Zero: hello master it's been awhile.


King pisces: well if it isn’t zero my only kin i assume that it is you who needs my help and not t him?


Zero: you’re right it's me who needs help, (zero lifts his shirt revealing his wound) can you help me.


King pisces: wow that's one nasty wound, i can help you but it will cost you.


samantha : king pisces if i may ask but what is the price?


King pisces: the gemini twins forgive my rudeness for not noticing you. (he says with a swift bow) the price will be the first of your two power seals i gave you when you became my apprentice. Your left eye will become like mine.


zero : why do you need to remove a seal?


King pisces: when i remove the seal it will release a burst of magical power, that i will use to heal you needless to say it will be extremely painful and i will enjoy every moment of it.


Zero: what will happen after i am healed?


King pisces: well your eye will change, then your power will be hard to control but you will also become more powerful.


Zero: so how do we do this?


King pisces: well it involves alcohol and a cattle brand, That leaves a pisces symbol behind but it will only be half of it until i remove the other seal. Shall we get started?


Zero :lets.


King pisces: remove your shirt. The rest of you leave unless you want to see someone you know on deep pain.


Narrator: drew and the twins leave before the magical operation can begin.


King pisces: before we start zero i have a question.


Zero: what is it?


King pisces: why is it that you hate me so much? No other zodis hate their master it only you.


Zero: I don't hate you completely you just never told me what it is i would be and still hold a ton of secretes from me.


King pisces: i see i shall try to make up to you after this ok.


Zero: ok but will you actually enjoy seeing me in pain?


King pisces: of course i will, i would never lie about that. Now lets begin


Narrator: after several hour of zeros haunting screams filling the halls the operation was over and he was finally joined with his allies again.


Drew and twins: finally its over, are you ok?


Zero: im in pain but ill be fine after a day or 2.


King pisces: too bad you don't get rest you have a mission to go and help brian's team as well as escort james with you to heal them then eliminate the oroboros.


Drew: the what?


Zero: ouroboros, it's a creature from ancient times that is nearly immortal but can be killed after beating it down.


Drew: james and zero go pack then head out and good luck making it to rome i can get you close with my magic but not to close be back in 20 minutes.


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