Beautiful Planet Vendalus 1

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Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Beautiful Planet Vendalus


Bentley Reynolds had always loved his home planet Vendalus with its boiled blushing Buildings. I was a place where he felt relaxed. He was a spiteful, rude, Pepsi drinker. With brown eyelashes, fat fingers. His friends saw him as a kooky knowing kind. Once he had even saved a valid sleeping dragon that was stuck in a drain. That was the type of man he was.

Bentley Walked over to the window and reflected on his empty surroundings he lived in a farm. The sun teased like two fighting humming birds.

Then He saw something in the distance, or rather someone. He thought it was the figure of Henry Steingart but as it got closer he realized it actually was Henry Steingart in the flesh Henry was a coward with fragile eyelashes ad dirty fingernails.

Bentley Gulped. He wasn’t prepared for Henry. Henry was his old enemy from the civil war of 2300.

As Bentley stepped outside and Henry came closer, he could see the petite smile on his face and the grinding of his teeth Bentley could tell that he was mad.

“I am here because I want revenge,” Henry bellowed. In brutal tone. “Well guess what you’re not going to get that here from me that is,” Bentley yelled in anger. “We will see about that won’t we,” Henry hollered in a vengeful voice.

Henry slammed his fist against Bentley’s chest with the force of 2532 tortoise shells hitting him at the same time.  “I frigging hate you Bentley Reynolds,” Henry bellowed.

Bentley Looked back, even fuzzier and still fingering the smashed rock. “Henry, I am going to set your world on fire,” Bentley said while panting.

They looked at each other and WHAM! Another Punch by Henry wow as four more people walk in. the four men introduce themselves as Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer.Henry is like wow its KISS I’ve always wanted to see them in concert.

Bentley wakes up with KISS music playing in the background then it got louder, louder and louder the volume kepped its escalation with two tight fisted uncles roaring to the beat finally he opened his eyes and realized he is at a kiss concert and Henry was right beside him.

Bentley Studied Henry’s Appearance and realized is wasn’t him. Then where was Henry…

After the concert he went to his house he even flew to henrys planet he could not find Henry there either. He went to his ship and did a full scan of the universe. He found a Henry Steingart that was deceased yesterday at 1100 hours. Bentley thought could this be him, he wondered and wondered at least for 2 hours. He could not believe it when he looked at the picture. Henry Steingart Was Dead. Bentley was sad his enemy but now a best friend was dead.

Bentley did not know what to do with him. He felt emptiness in him like loneliness. He felt sorry that he had treated his friend like that in the first place.  Good thing he had friends on Vendalus.  Bentley returned to his Home world at least he thought it was….

When he went down to the surface of the planet he realized it wasn’t he flew down to the largest city he could find when he got there the sign said New York City – Manhattan. Uh Oh thought Bentley had he gone to the earth the mirror planet of Vendalus. How in the world did I end up in mirror universe Bentley Thought?  He didn’t know how two get back to his universe. But he knew he had to figure it out. 

Bentley has an idea he will attempt time space continuum warp. Which is very dangerous, it could kill him if it does not work. He’d better hope it works.

He did the time space continuum warp it was successful. He is back in his universe.  

He wants to do something in memory of henry but he’s not sure what to do. What does henry like Bentley thought? The he knew he wanted to go to a kiss concert henry would like that. He went to buy his tickets they were sold out and the concert had past. Why Bentley bellowed why.  He so mad that he couldn’t but the tickets but then he saw a click to win button. WOW!! Bentley said eyes sparkling.  So he clicked on it went to win, kiss concert tickets only one chance to win.  He typed in his email and phone number. Clicked win. He got an email saying he won a ticket plus 10,000 Vendalus Dollars. He jumped around saying I’m going to a concert.

He went to the concert.  He was there for two and a half hours. He enjoyed himself. He felt better that he did something for henry. 

Bentley has to go shopping for clothes and food. At the shopping mall he meets a girl. He walked over to her.

“Hey how are you,” said Bentley in an adorable tone.

“Hey there my name is Helen how about yours,” said Helen.

My name is Bentley nice to meet Helen,” said Bentley.

“You wanna go out tonight for dinner or something,” said Helen.

“Sure, say 5:30 tonight at Swiss Chalet I’ll be there,” Said Bentley.

So Bentley and Helen went to Swiss Chalet for their date. The came out of the restaurant, they were surrounded by police. And they did not know why.

"That girl your with hand her over," said the police officer.

"Has she commited any crimes," said bentley

"Yes, breaking and entering, stealing and murdering,"

"Is this true, helen," said bentley.

"Her name is helen," said the police officer. 

"Yes," said bentley.

"Okay you free to go, we are not looking for a helen we are looking for a Nicole," said the police officer.

to be continued in book two...

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