Vengeful Plotting

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What happens when you snub a co-worker? What happens when they decide to teach you a lesson?

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



“I would love to dissipate my time with you, but my ideal specification is just too high for you.” She shrugged at the young man holding the bouquet of multicolored roses and breezed past him, her high heels clicking smartly against the hardwood floor, her sweet flowery perfume lingering behind to taunt him.

The young man watched her walk away, her hips sashaying as she strutted for the VIP elevator to take her to the executive floor. Several people along the way wished her a good morning, but she stubbed her nose at them with a regal nod of her head and continued on her way.

“I told you she would reject you man.” His friend came out from around the corner and clapped him on the shoulder in comfort.

“She doesn’t think I am good enough for her standards.” He said tightly, his fists closing over the stems of the flowers, the fragile petals shaking in his fury.

His friend grimaced, he knew that Ms. Crestfell wanted a rich man to shower her in lavish expensive gifts and take her to exotic vacation spots. Oliver was a lowly salary man who could barely afford a decent apartment in the city.

“Don’t listen to her Oliver, you’re a great man any woman would appreciate. She is just a cunt.”

Oliver snorted and started toward his office wing. He worked in the west wing, he was part of the coding team for the company. They made what the top floor envisioned come to life.

They were greeted by the west wing receptionist. A chubby woman with rimless round glasses and a penance for wearing abstract dressed. She smiled warmly at them and welcomed them in.

Oliver plopped the slightly wilted flowers on her desk and her face instantly crumbled as tears threatened to fall. “Oh Oliver, did it not go well?”

Her concerned face turned up to his as she gathered the flowers lovingly and found a small vase to put them in.

“She said I wasn’t up to her standards.” Oliver relayed through clenched teeth. The reminder of her snobby attitude grinding on his nerves.

The woman shook her head sadly and fluffed the flowers gently, reviving them with some of her bottled water. “Ms. Hottie-Tottie is not the nicest person.”

She pushed her glasses up her face and her face flushed pink, “You are a great catch Mr. Quill, any girl would be lucky to have you.”

Oliver nodded, the woman’s clear affection for him bypassing him. “Thanks Barbara.” He smiled at her as he walked through the controlled chaos that was their section.

“Why don’t you forget about Ms. Crestfell and find you a woman that will appreciate you, like Barbara, she clearly adores you.” His friend said looking back at Barbara as she sniffed happily at the roses.

Oliver ignored his friend and took his seat at his desk, diving into his work, his fingers flying over the keyboard as he copied a three page code sequence.

His mind wondered as his fingers flew, he wasn’t going to give up on Mrs. Cressfell, in fact, he was going to show her that she was good enough for her.

He smirked as he paused, ins fingers resting lightly on the home keys. He knew where she parked, she had her own parking spot…He glanced at the clock, his smirk widening to an evil grin.

Tonight when she was going home, he would show her that it was she that wasn’t good enough for him.


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