When The Darkness Gazes back part 2

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Dr. Phillip Howards evaluates prisoner #0-64701, and reveals the source of his outbursts. Digging deeper than anyone has into the mans psyche he finds the truth behind the darkness.

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



When his eyes filled with darkness, he gazed into my very soul.


There was a white, clean room. It was so clean it was almost sterile. Nothing adorned the walls, and the room was empty aside from two metal chairs, and a steel topped table. Slightly off center on the tabletop was a steel ring with hand cuffs attached to it. The room had two doors, one on either side. On the right wall there was a two-way mirror. Behind the mirror was a law enforcement officer and the detainees lawyer. A door swung open and three men walked inside the white chamber. Two guards and the detained man. He was dressed in an orange jumpsuit with the numbers 0-64701 on the back. The officers sat him down in the chair and cuffed him to the table. Dr Howards came in through the other door.

"Are the hand cuffs necessary?" He asked with a mildly annoyed tone. The senior officer replied plainly

"For your safety as well as his, he must remain in hand cuffs at all times." Phillip simply nodded his head and sat down across from them. He set a brown briefcase down on the ground next to his left leg.

"This evaluation is being recorded for future refference." He said as he pointed up to the left corner of the ceiling where a security camera was mounted. He looked the hand cuffed man over briefly, who did not return a glance. "My name is Dr. Phillip Howards. Please state your full name for the record."

"Chance Micheal Roberts." His tone was as expressionless as his face.

"It says here you are thirty years old, 6 feet tall, and weigh about two hundred and seventy-eight pounds. Is this correct?"

"Yes." Still he did not return a look to the Dr. and remained staring at his hands.

"Born and raised in Illinois, you have no prior criminal record. Not even as little as a speeding ticket, I'm impressed." Hoping for some kind of reaction from Chance he looked up at him, but received nothing. He leaned over and reached for his briefcase. With a few clicks it popped open and he pulled out three cards, and set them on the table face down. "I am going to give you a few tests, and ask a few questions. I hope that's alright. Chance nodded his head in agreement. Flipping a card face up he slid it into Chances view. "What do you see here?" the three cards were all just random ink patterns. Chance hesitated for a moment then answered.

"I see a man surrounded by a shadow." The Dr. retracted the card and slid over another much different one. "I see the same, but this time the shadow is inside the man." his tone was calm, and showed no sign of stress. Curious Phillip slid Chance the third and final card. "I see a butterfly." he replied plainly. One of the guards had to hold back a chuckle at the sudden change of Chances answer. Dr. Howards quickly looked up at the officer, and then sent a side eye glance to his right looking at the two-way mirror. As if he could see through it. Saying nothing he put the three cards back into his briefcase, but left it open at his side. Slowly Chance leaned in towards the Doctor. "I am not insane, I am possesed." his voice was grim and serious this time. 

"I will be the judge of that Mr. Roberts." Phillip replied calmly.

"That's what all you doctors and psychiatrists tell me. Why do you never listen, but only judge me? I never did nothin' wrong in my entire life. I was a good man, but the cards are always the same."

"What do you mean? I was told I was the first to evaluate you." Again he glanced at the two-way mirror, looking for an answer that would never come.

"When I was a kid I took this same test the splotches looked the same then as they do now." he was starting to get agitated now, losing his timidness. 

"Are you afraid of the dark Mr. Roberts?" Phillip asked him suddenly. Chance reeled his head back and laughed aloud for a moment. Then met the eyes of the doctor.

"Maybe when I was young, but I haven't been for years." 

"Do you know why children are afraid of the dark?" He didn't give Chance time to reply before continuing. "It isn't just because they can't see what may lurk within it. There are many cases of children who can see beings and people who simply, are not there to the rest of us. I believe that as a child we have an acute sense of another realm. One where darkness is not just merely the absence of light, but an actual entity." Quickly he reached into his briefcase again and pulled out a photo of a young girl. "This is Emily Thistle she was only nine years old when her parents brought her to me. They said she was crazy because she would talk to herself in the dark. They said she would whisper of horrible things, things she should not have known anything about. When I gave her the ink splotch test her answerers were nearly identical to yours." He then flipped over the image to reveal a much more sinister portrait. Drawn in black crayon it depicted a wicked man like form with tendrils reaching out in all directions. "Have you ever seen this?" he pursed his lips waiting for a response.

"In my dreams." Chance paused, breath coming rapidly. "I have seen it a few times, it's always trying to swallow me!" He closed his eyes tightly trying to shut out the image in his mind. "It pokes and prods at my head with its tentacles, as if trying to get inside my mind. Sometimes I black out, and when I wake up I'm somewhere else. I don't ever remember what happens or where I go. I think I may have done something horrible." Hot tears rolled down his cheeks "They said I killed a man outside my apartment building last week. I don't remember doin' it though. I just woke up outside, and the cops were all over the place. They pinned me down, and dragged me to jail before I even know where I was" His hands began shaking. "I didn't do it! I would never do that." 

"I need you to breathe." Chance took a slow deep breath. "That's it, now exhale slowly" Chance let out a sigh and the shaking stopped. "I want to do an experiment with you Chance. May I call you Chance?" Chance nodded back in reply. "I have tried hypnotizing my patients before that complained of memory loss, and it usually helps to bring up suppressed or lost memories.

"I'll do anything to prove my innocence doc." Phillip looked up at the senior officer.
"I'll need you to un cuff this man, and leave the room for a few moments while I do this. I need him to be able to relax, and he can't do that chained to a table." The two officers looked at each other for a moment not knowing how to respond when a voice came over the radio.

"Go ahead, let's see where this goes." The senior officer un cuffed Chance, and then proceeded to leave the room with the other officer. After the door had closed behind them, Phillip held up his index finger in front of Chance. 

"I need you to focus on my finger as I move it side to side, you will feel your eyes getting heavy. With each passing motion of my finger the muscles in your body start to relax, and melt away. Your eyes are so heavy now that with each blink it gets harder to open them, and by the your third blink you will not be able to open them at all. No matter how much you try to open them they are too heavy. When I snap my fingers you will fall into the deepest sleep you have ever had. 1...2...3.." Then he snapped his fingers, and Chances body went limp. His head falling to one side, and his arms dangling he sat there in a hypnotic bliss. "Chance can you hear me?

"Yes." He replied clearly, eyes still closed. Phillip grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and set it in front of him to take quick notes if needed. 

"What happened on the night of May 6 2018?" Chance was silent for a few fleeting moments.

"I was home alone, and I had just put a pizza in the oven when the power shut off. Everything went dark, and I felt like I was being devoured by it." He began to twitch, and jerk slightly in his chair. "I felt like I couldn't breath, the air was so thick." Chance reached up, and put his hands on his throat as if trying to pry something off. "The voices! So many voices, all at once I don't know what they are saying, but they wont stop." He was shaking now holding his hears, trying to block out the cacophony of voices he was imagining. The light above them that was suspended from the ceiling began to swing sporadically. The door knob was twisting and rattling as the guards tried to come back inside the room, but an unknown force was holding the door in place. "They kept screaming at me, demanding that I do what they wanted."

"Chance calm down! It's only in your mind it isn't real. What did the voices say? What were they asking you to do?" Chance tried to speak, his voice faint.

"They wanted me to..." Then suddenly his voice trailed off, and the room went dark. The sound of the door trying to be forced open had stopped. The only sounds now were the hurried breaths of Dr. Howards. The darkness was heavy making it hard to breathe. He started to have flash backs to the cavern he stumbled into all those years ago. The seconds passed like hours until finally the silence was broken by the loud shattering of the two-way mirror. Phillip expected to hear screams coming from the other room, but there was nothing. The lights turned back on to reveal Chance sitting there staring at Phillip with eyes as black as the void. Quickly Phillip tried to scribble something down on to the paper he had laid out. Chance stood up abruptly and slammed his hands onto the table.

"Kill." His voice was low, and guttural like that of a demon. This was no demon, however, Philip knew the sound of this voice. He had heard it before, it haunted his dreams. "I know you, mortal. You were the one who released me from my eternal prison." Chance began to laugh maniacally. The swinging overhead light still flickering rapidly above them. Chance grabbed the wrist of Dr. Howards gripping it so tightly that the bones shattered. "I am free of the shadows I was forced into, and I will rain chaos on this pitiful world. "The streets will run red, and all shall be consumed by darkness eternal!" He raised Phillip up by his broken wrist, and stared into his eyes with a blazing fury. "You will be my herald." Looking around the room, Phillip could see through the opening where the two-way mirror was. There the broken bodies of the officers and lawyer were lying crumpled on the ground. Twisted in un-natural ways their bones were broken and shattered protruding from their skin. Suddenly the monster dropped Phillip to the ground. Reaching down with one finger that had been transformed into something dagger like. Chance pierced Philips heart, and all he could feel was the coldness of the void enter him. Gasping for air, Phillip vainly flailed with his left hand to stop the transfer of dark energies.

Darkness once again consumed the room, but this time not because the lights gave out. It was being pushed back by the monster. Phillip could begin to hear the voices enter into his mind, tearing his sanity apart. Reaching for anything he could to stop the monster that held him down, his fingers found the pen he was using before. Gripping it firmly, with all his might he plunged into the neck of the half man half monster Chance. He stumbled backwards removing his finger from Philips chest. His black eyes staring wildly at him.

"You can never escape the darkness. I will find another host. I will consume you all." He gurgled as he spoke, blood spewing from the wound in his neck. The darkness seemed to retract back into Chances body giving way to the light. His eyes returned to their normal green tint as he collapsed lifelessly to the ground. The sounds of distant sirens came bursting through to Phillips ears. Catching his breath he rose to his feet and surveyed the gory scene around him. The white walls were now a  mural of blood, and he was covered in it himself. Knocking down the door to the evaluation room the police grabbed Phillip asking if he was alright. Still in shock all he could respond with was.

"When his eyes filled with darkness, he gazed into my very soul..."

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