the weather outside

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Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



Outside, the weather was as dreary as Lillian’s mood. She sat watching the raindrops racing down her window. She imagined them fighting to win, racers running with all they had. Her mind wandered to a far-off place, one where every day didn’t feel the same. She was bored. The longing for something more had become overwhelming. She could hardly sit still. Lillian watched as the clouds grew and the dark ominous sky lit up with each powerful strike of bright white lighting. She loved these days, the ones where the weather perfectly matched her mood.

The thunder boomed and startled her out of her daydream. The same one she’d been having for months. It started as any normally day in her boring town, she was having coffee and writing her chemistry paper, when a stranger with hair as dark as the night sky and eyes as cold as ice walked in. She felt like she’d known this stranger for her whole life, like suddenly the entire world stopped spinning and it was just those two.

Lillian didn’t know who he was, or even if he was real but something inside her longed to know this beautiful man. Something about him was so familiar and she had read that your mind couldn’t invent new people, so she had to have seen him before. Lillian made her way into the kitchen, turned on the kettle and waited for the water to boil so she could have her afternoon tea. She’d been making this a tradition since she was in high school. Every day at 3PM she had a cup of tea. Raspberry pomegranate, her favorite two flavors.

She sat and drank her tea, gazing out at the weather and wondering, who was this man and why had she had the same day dream over and over. The sound of the rain mesmerizing her, drawing her back in. Suddenly there she was, back at that corner coffee shop just typing away. The door opens, the world stops. There isn’t a sound that could be heard. She looked up, and there he was. Tall, at least 6’5”. Strong, muscles rippling over every inch of his body. His ice blue eyes looked directly at her, piercing through her and her heart skipped a beat. It was as if she’d forgotten how to breathe.

He walked over and sat down across from her, looking deep into her eyes as if she were the only person in the room. “hello Lilly” he said smiling. This was the first time he’d spoken to her. “h-h-hello” she managed to choke out. “wh-who are are y-you?” she murmured. “My name is Tyler” he responded. She had a million thoughts running through her mind. How did he know her name? Who was he?

She looked around and felt as though everyone was staring at her. The million questions she had running through her mind must’ve been readable through the worry in her eyes. “I know who you are because I’ve read some of your papers. I’m the student aid in one of your classes though I won’t tell you which one.”

Suddenly the thunder crashed and she was back, looking out the window smiling and suddenly she all she could think was “thank god for this foul weather”

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