“I am human!”

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You are here despite what you have gone through, still shaking your fists at the vast skies.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



You lingered for too long beneath the rubbles of time, that once glorious edifice now reduced to nothing but dust and dirt. Yet you stifled your cries and struggled, held on to your irrational optimism that one day, buildings that long ago stood as testaments to humanity’s prowess would erect once more, like fingers of defiance pointing to the sky. 


And so went on humanity’s silent protest, their undying will to beat circumstances and defeat fate. Each individual took on a difficult task of some sort, just to prove to cosmic entities that humans could accomplish anything they set their minds to. The entities waited and witnessed epochs of progress, then with a snap of their fingers pulled humanity back to square one. Yet humans refused to crack, and civilization rose once more from the depths of destruction. This game amused them at first, but history’s tendency to repeat itself soon bored these entities, and they thus fell into a deep slumber. 


To this day this fact remains unknown to you and other humans. You still suffer for the sake of these entities, to prove to them that nothing can break your will. You climb the mountain like Sisyphus and watch the boulder roll down. In fact, you have gotten so used to struggling that you’ve forgotten your end goal. Yet you survive somehow, and keep playing your role in this play. You reinvent the script whenever you can and laugh at your cleverness, for you may have tricked destiny itself. 


The entities have been silent for so long that you have forgotten their existence, yet you still live as though they’re following your every move, and you struggle to appease an audience who no longer cares for your act. 



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