No man left Behind

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



No man left behind!
(A Starcraft inspired-fan novel)
By: _Hypnotik_

There is was. -- Planet Xeriox V.

The dropship was landing at the nearest Command center near one of the frontlines on Xeriox V. The dropship caried a team of recon specialists that were used to getting into heavy situations behind enemy lines of the Zerg Alien species. -- They were assigned to Nova Squadron through Colonel Jackson Hauler's personal request. -- codename: Bravo Team.

Assignment: Find and Destroy the Zerg Hive spawns in zone 17.
Utilities: None available.
Reinforcements: Unavailable. The Team will be inserted in zone 17 about 1000 meters away from the nearest command center past the frontline.
Support: Dropship evac if requested.


Colonel Hauler had requested the team personally due to the amount of popularity and valor the team had recieved from performing multiple search and destroy missions within the Koprulu Sector. -- He felt as though the team could be trusted with the task at hand. -- Zone 17 was hit the hardest only a week before by relentless zerg counter attacks. -- severly crippling Terran defences.

So here they were. On some planet they never heard about. Briefly intelled about the situation, sent right into action from R&R.
Bravo Team:
Bradlix (Distinguished Officer)
Male , 45 years old.
6'1, 220 pounds.
Tends to enjoy his cigars while in combat, scar running from left eye to chin.

Augus(aka "Sarge")
Male, 32 years old.
6'2, 238 pounds
Very quite, not much for conversation. Excellent marksman.

Coup (The Firebat)
Male, 26 years old.
5'9, 193 pounds
African-American, likes to freestyle while on patrol.

Damiyen (aka "Dam")
Male, 24 years old
6'0, 201 pounds
Played sports back in high school, known for ability to sprint in battle.

Nayea (aka Princess)
Female, 28 years old.
5'8, 187 pounds
Tends to be a hardass towards recruits, shows passion in killing Zerg.

Dismon (aka Rookie)
Male, 22 years old.
6'1, 210 pounds
Fresh out of boot camp, assigned to Bravo Team to gain experience.



The dropship attempts to land on the Rocky surface.

Pilot: Alright, this is your stop! Good luck! It's the best I can do, yall gonna have to take a jump!

Bravo team unbuckles thier saftey harnests and get in a line to disembark from the hovering dropship into the unknown territory.

Bradlix: "Alright, everyone. DISEMBARK! LETS GO- LETS GO- LETS GO!!"

Bravo team manages to slowly disembark and hop out of the hovering dropship unto the nearest surface. -- the dropship leaves the AO in a hurry. leaving the team in the dark, rocky, unknown territory. Unexplored by humans.

Bradlix: "Everyone, regroup! Lets huddle up!" as he speaks through his power armour suit, his voice as well as anyone that speaks with the power suits sounds muffled and radio-like.

Bradlix:"Our objective is to destroy the Zerg larva hives in this zone. We must identify, then destroy any and all we come across... any questions?"

No one responds.

Bradlix:"Lets Rock and Roll people!"

The team begins to march through a narrow rocky valley in search of any Zerg hives. Looking for any signs in the rock for Zerg prescence. The team enabling thier power armour lights in order to see better in the rocky crevaces. -- not being equiped with night vision helmets like they requested before dropping into the mission, this angered Bradlix for he knew of the consequences of not being supplied Night Vision.

Coup begins to freestyle his raps as he's walking, stepping over rock formations.

Bradlix: "Coup, knock it off, unless you want to be bug food."

Coup goes quite and realizes where he actully is for a second. Knowing that could of been his last freestyle if he was loud enough for a Zerg party to hear it.

The team continues hiking through the desolute rock formations.

Coup: "Ay yo, look sir, that looks out of place!"

Bradlix signals the team to cease movement, and moves foward to observe the werid pit formation in the valley ahead of them. -- he looks closely enough to see a faint glow emitting from the pit. -- he then signals the team to follow him.

Bradlix: "Everyone, stay sharp, make sure you're locked and loaded... Firebat! Get you're flamethrower ready."

Coup: "Solid Copy!"

Bradlix signals the team through hand movements to encircle the pit and surround it.
The team discovers to be a Zerg Hive. Larva heavily populate the walls of the pit, each of the larva making infant alien noises and sluglishly moving around. A handful of Drones (hostile Hive worker zerg units) are safeguarding the Larva.

Bradlix: "Toast'em!"

The team unleashes a rapid amount of unnessacary fire into the pit, Coup -- the firebat --> englufs the pit in flames, ensuring that all the larva turn into burnt shrivelled up foreskin.
Plasma gun, machine gun fire, and flames totally annilihate anything inside the pit. -- the pit looking like the bottom of a charcoal grill.

Dismon: "Hell yeah! ate that you alien fucks!" reloads his gauss rifle and stares at the pit.

Nayea: "The fun has only started Rookie, now shut the fuck up and lets keep moving.." rolls her eyes inside her helmet.

Coup: "Damn bitch, why you gotta be so cold? Fucking make my skin crawl sometimes." continues marching with the rest of the team on the rocky upper surface.

Bradlix: "Shut the fuck up! Keep your eyes open! This isn't a getaway at the Holiday Inn"
keeps his perception narrowed on searching for any signs of Zerg patrols in the distance.

As the team continues, they continue thier advance through another rocky valley in search of any Zerg Hives and activity.

Augus: "I got a bad feeling about this...I've seen this movie before." aims his armour searchlight at the tops of the valley keeping an eye out.

As Bravo teams continues thier relentless march, suddenly, they begin to feel vibrations in through thier power armour coming from the ground.

Coup:"Aye yo.. what the fuck is that?..."
Coup looks around, then immediatly looks up.

Coup:"Oh shit! Look out!!"
coup begins to tourch the upper rocky formations above the team.

Suddenly, the team finds themselves being attacked by a horde of Zerglings (which can be described as looking like the Alien bug speices from Starship troopers.) Being surrounded on both sides of the valley by the zerg assualt warriors. Coming at them of immense speeds ready to rip them limb from limb.

The team begins to form a 360 circle around eachother, unleashing immense firepower into the hordes of Zerglings that are charging them from all angles.

Augus:"Eat this you motherfuckers!!!"
relentlessly fires his machine gun into the groups of Zerglings in his line of sight, spraying and praying.

While the team fires into the hordes of Zerglings, cutting them down slowing, using the corpses as fodder for more that try to advance on them (like a barrier.) Bradlix enters the middle of the 360 defense circle, and calls for a dropship evac on his position.

Bradlix:"This is Bravo Team, we need an immediate extraction at my cordinates. I repeat, I need an immediate evac. We are heavily outnumbered and under attack. Need an evac, NOW GOD DAMNIT!"

Dropship Eagle's Pilot: "On the way Bravo team,hang in thier. out."

Zergling corpses begin to act as a sandbag barrier against incoming thier own brethren, forcing them to climb over the mountains of zergling bodies to get to thier Terran dinner.

Damiyen: "I'm running out of ammo here sir!" reloads and continues to spray and pray at the straggling zergling bugs that are in his line of sight.

A Zergling then grabs Coup as he runs out of flamethrower ammunition. -- Coup begins to use his hand-to-hand combat skills to wrestle the Zergling in his Firebat power suit.

Coup:"Come on bitch! Yeah! YEAH!" coup begins to pumit the Zergling in the head with his suit's hands.

As the rest of the team continues to fire at oncoming Zerg's, 2 more Zergling bugs jump on Coup and begin to overwhelm him.

Coup:"Get the fuck off me you alien fucks!" relentlessly tries to handle 3 Zerg's at once, while doing so, a fourth one shows up and uses its arm-like-spear to jab him right in the helmet, forcing his brain to shut down as well as his whole body. -- he collapses to the rocky floor as they tear his suit apart to get to the meaty-juicy insides of the suit. -- Coup no longer being a living human -- but just food to the Zerg horde.

Dismon:"I want to go home! I don't want to be here!!!" Dismon begins to panic and begins whimpering as he's shooting at the advancing Zerglings.

The dropship enters the zone at a high speed, coming to a hovering standstill above the team as they fend off the attack. -- Just in time.

Bradlix:"Keep up the fire!! The ship will get overun if we don't keep them off!" continues to fire his last mag until it's empty into the advancing stragglers.

The dropship opens it's bay doors. -- it begins to slowly decend to the team's location.

Bradlix:"Were not even going to make it to the hatch! Keep it up! TOAST THEM!"
the team continues to fire everything they've got at the Zerg's.

Damiyen:"Fuck it... Get on the ship!! I'll cover you guys! Just go!" runs out of the circle to attempt to make a diverson so that the dropship can land and pick the rest of the team up while the zerg's are focused on him.

6 Zerglings redirect thier path towards Damiyen as he sprints towards them, he shoulder-checks 2 of them as if he were back on the football field back home, thrashing and beating any that come across his path. -- 4 of them encircle him as they use thier arms to peirce his armour like knives in a soda can.

Damiyen goes quite as all 6 of them begin to gut him like a canned human food. Bits of flesh and armour can be seen tossed around.

Dismon: "Jesus christ! NOO!!" -- "You basterds! ARRAAHHHHHHGGHHH!!!!" dismon unleashes all of his anger on his trigger finger, cutting down a bunch of Zerglings in his path as the team's defensive circle gets closer and closer together -- to ensure boarding the ship is quick and effective.

The ship lowers just enough so that the team can embark it. Zerglings in front of the ships view begin to attempt to jump on it to ensure it crashes.

Bradlix: "GO GO GO!" bradlix provides covering fire while the rest of the team boards the ship.
in the process he runs out of ammo.

Augus begins to fire his machine gun at the advancing Zergs while on the dropships bay door.

Augus:"Sir, lets go! You can make it!" as augus yells this, 26 more zerglings begin to get within talking distance of Bradlix. -- and within that split second, Bradlix smiles and salutes Augus as the dropships begins to take off. -- the first zergling to reach Bradlix then decapitates him with one swipe. -- his helmet rolling on the bullet casing, blood riddled rocky surface. -- Zerglings begin to dig into his neck exposes from the decapitation like a pinyata filled with candy. -- as more jump in to tear his limbs bit by bit.

The dropship had left the mini-battlefield. A desolate rocky valley filled with Zergling corpses. With those left behind to be feasted upon, thier armor becoming nothing more than scrap. -- the best effect to drescribe it -- "Seagulls eating crabs, then leaving hollow shells behind, sucked completely of any life and meat."

Bravo team was commended for thier valor and sacrifice the next day near the Command center in zone 17. -- only for the remaining 3 members to join the casualties of the immensive counter-attack of Zerg forces on the frontlines the day after. -- the battle where zone 17 was completely overun by Zerg forces at the frontlines.

Was it worth it?
Was it nessecary?
Was it a waste of human life?
For what cause?
For what achievement?

Those questions are for you to answer.


(note: disclaimer -- this is simply a fan story created for friends to enjoy, credit goes to Starcraft and Starship Troopers for the idea of the fan novel.)







© Copyright 2019 Hypnotik. All rights reserved.

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