Is This Why?

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Preposterously stinking politics; unsurpassable civilizations disastrously confounded with the indescribably sordid devil of heinous corruption,

Obnoxiously abhorrent dirt; countless orphaned without even a leaf to cover their shivering skins; while their rich counterparts triumphantly danced in palaces superfluously overflowing with silk and ecstatic gold,

Baselessly derogatory lies; unfathomable numbers of innocent organisms being devoured like pieces of infinitesimally threadbare shit; by diabolical maelstroms of manipulation,

Mercilessly alien ruthlessness; with even the most capricious iota of celestial empathy being replaced by tirelessly indiscriminating bloodshed and barbaric massacre,

Is this why Almighty Lord had created us so bountifully; magnanimously blessed us with two sacredly heavenly eyes; an enchantingly blissful festoon of vibrant eyelashes; that ebulliently danced till the very end of our time?


Intransigently hovering parasites; unsparingly sucking even after the last droplet of blood had exhausted in the impeccably snoring child,

Ominously truculent dictatorship; where black demons uncouthly chopped hands and feet into a boundless pieces; at even the most inadvertently harmless of
their mistakes,

Gorily disparaging darkness; where baseless powerhouses profoundly enlightened their own spacecrafts; shutting the last dormitories of hope and optimistic light for the deprived,

Sanctimoniously sleazy hierarchy; venomously forcing the true artist to shed tears of penalizing blood over his unassailably divine masterpieces; as the already established greats indefatigably shot him into the aisles of remorseful nothingness,

Is this why Almighty Lord had created us so resplendently; Omnisciently blessed us with two perfectly robust arms; and majestically eclectic fingers raring to vivaciously splash the dolorous atmosphere with colors of astounding existence?


Treacherously unforgiving raunchiness; where even sacrosanct mothers bawdily traded their flesh; for just a few trash wads of crinkled paper; with monotonous numerals galore,

Salaciously lethal robberies; where even the most overpoweringly opulent truculently snatched away indispensable morsels of food; from the already shattered plates of the bizarrely deprived,

Deliberately languid unconsciousness; although the atmosphere ubiquitously brimmed with euphorically exhilarating and jubilant activity,

Invidiously acrimonious morbidity; with people not even allowing the tragically departed; a mercurial iota of space to be buried in their very own patriotically heavenly soil,

Is this why Almighty Lord had created us so ingratiatingly; Omnipotently blessing us with two tenaciously resilient legs; with a pricelessly regale shadow unflinchingly following us; all flamboyant day and compassionate night?


Disastrously crippling unemployment; with ostentatiously pompous cigarette smoke; impious slang and unfathomably endless oceans of wine; meaninglessly
massacring the innocently illiterate,

Ignominiously squelching poverty; with innumerable immaculate infants mushrooming up on treacherously livid gutter water; instead of beautifully privileged mother's milk,

Satanically slitting apart each other's throats; as even those related by blood brutally fought every unfurling moment of their lives; in the spuriously nonchalant and worthless rat race; to be the best,

Vindictively adulterating environment; with even the most pragmatically educated; heinously perpetuating the celestial air with atom bombs and nuclear gas; sowing the seeds of dreadfully prejudiced war wherever there was immortal love,

Is this why Almighty Lord had created us so bloomingly; invincibly blessing us with two pairs of charismatically crimson lips; and a fantastically unsurpassable brain which even the most contemporary of computers; miserably dithered to emulate.

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