It Was God Who Inspired Me To Be A Poet.

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



The fathomless skies; unendingly inspired me to 'Fantasize'; perceive an infinite kilometers beyond the realms of the extraordinary; into the most enigmatically tantalizing entrenchment of the inexplicably unknown,

The unabashed tree leaves; inexhaustibly inspired me to 'Dance'; shrug even the most infinitesimal ounce of apprehension entrapped in my frazzled veins; and then to exude in unparalleled ebullience with the vivacious breeze,

The spell binding dew-drops; indefatigably inspired me to 'Aspire'; unstoppably quench the most languidly incarcerated arenas of my soul; with the royal richness of sacredly replenishing mother nature,

The virgin seashores; unrelentingly inspired me to 'Gallop'; let the miraculously tangy froth of the ravishingly unfettered ocean poignantly strike me on my bare chest; thereby curing me of the most disastrously incurable of my disease,

The unassailable Sun; undyingly inspired me to  'Conquer'; forever trounce the most ghastliest shade of devil on this boundless planet; with the scepter of intrinsic righteousness in my bountifully blessed

The majestic grass blades; uncontrollably inspired me to 'Siesta'; relax even the most unsurpassably agitated of my senses and soul; upon the compassionately magical cushion of divinely mother nature,

The unflinching Moonlight; inevitably inspired me to 'Romance'; perennially intertwine even the most intricate of my wandering senses; with the undauntedly silken princess of my dreams,

The ecstatic Rainbow; unceasingly inspired me to 'Unite'; transcend above each idiosyncrasy of caste; creed; religion and color on this unlimited Universe; to perpetually bond every organism alive into the
threads of insuperable humanity,

The voluptuous clouds; timelessly inspired me to 'Evolve'; uninterruptedly discover an infinite more infallible new shades to my very ownself; and then to sweep over the miserably estranged world today; with a storm of unprecedented love,

The bewildering midnight blackness; unlimitedly inspired me to 'Procreate'; impregnate the seeds of my magnetically virile creation; to further proliferate into a brand new and innocuously sparkling human-race,

The sensuous waterfalls; untiringly inspired me to 'Purify'; profoundly annihilate even the most obsolete insinuations of negativity lingering in my persona; with the most Omnipotent rejuvenating elixir of life,

The resplendent starts; limitlessly inspired me to 'Adventure'; deciphering countless bits of happiness from the chapters of inscrutable life; in the horizons of wondrously twinkling existence,

The fearless mountains; eternally inspired me to 'Protect'; sequester each of those hapless infirm; debilitated and helpless; into the amiable fronds of warmth in my philanthropic chest,

The scintillating deserts; doggedly inspired me to 'Persevere'; uncomplainingly run for a boundless kilometers under the acrimonious mid-day; in my search for the ultimate heavens of truth and symbiotic

The exuberant sea-waves; interminably inspired me to 'Sketch'; the innumerable ebbs and tides; the countless shades of existence; in the terrestrial drama of man and effulgent life,

The mystically pristine roots; unboundedly inspired me to
'Retrospect'; fervently delve into even the most evanescent thread of my past; trace my ancestral rudiments to an infinite years before my very first breath,

The refreshingly unbridled wind; everlastingly inspired me to 'Philosophize'; co-relate the sermons of everyday pragmatic life; to the tunes; cadence and unfathomable energy of the triumphant atmosphere,

The jubilant horizons; unremittingly inspired me to 'Love'; dedicate every beat of my heart to the immortal fabric of humanity and
priceless mankind; till the very last breath of my inevitably truncated life,

And it was the Omnisciently unconquerable God who inspired me to forever be a 'Poet';  perpetually appreciate each of his unimaginably beautiful creations as above;  and then ubiquitously disseminate their
beauty through the power of the ever-pervading and mightily written; poetic verse.

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