It Was A Female's Omnipotent Womb

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



You might brutally condemn her all day and treacherous night; disdainfully dismissing as the staggeringly weaker sex of this mystically gargantuan planet,

You might not allow her egalitarian opportunities in the fantastically contemporary world; saying that she was a lividly lousy misfit; to be working amongst
machismo men,

You might bawdily stare at every of her kind; with the diabolically lunatic hunger in your eyes; at times disastrously tainting her impeccably sacred identity,

You might hedonistically lambaste her since the very first cry of her beautiful birth; unrelentingly cursing your destiny; for not giving you the crusader to continue the name of your tribe,

You might truculently gouge her mesmerizing eyes; on the spurious pretext of adding more optimism in your life; while it was hardly an issue that she forlornly groped in the blind,

You might lecherously proclaim every iota of her pristine skin as profanely adulterated to the planet outside; just so that she could inexorably slave for
none other; than your unsavory stride,

You might intransigently abuse her as devastatingly illiterate; not construing the principles of management on this earth; as she swished her voluptuous hair under the profoundly blazing Morning Sun,

You might indiscriminately massacre her enchanting skull; on the feckless pretext that it had no brain; and would serve better when used as preposterous gibberish for the foolhardy pigs,

You might feed her just a single glass of parsimonious gutter water in the entire day; baselessly defending your theory that the male of the house; should extract every iota of nutrition to work; instead,

You might pay a deaf ear to her traumatized wails in her times of uncompromising duress; dismissing her to be entirely inconsequential and a piece of frigid shit; when compared to your swanky office interiors and computer files,

You might incarcerate her in fetid chains within the dustbins of your house; ruthlessly trading her flesh for a stupid wad of currency notes; that you could splurge on your champagne's and designer perfumes; instead,

You might morbidly silence her with your mordantly ferocious voice; saying that her rhythmically soft whispers were like dead rat squeals; infront of your dynamically blazing countenance,

You might  grotesquely mimic her priceless sensitivity; having an untamed guffaw soon thereafter; with your senseless compatriots on the politicians desk,

You might torturously use her as only a silken ornament for your every night; disposing her into oceans of avenging acid with nonchalant phlegmatism; as the first beams of Sun crept up in the sky,

You might wholeheartedly ridicule her bountiful compassion for humanity; the unsurpassable entrenchment of effeminate sensuousness that she left; on every trail that she haplessly wandered,

You might consider her vividly heavenly form to be an unsolicited burden on the trajectory of this globe; menacingly envisaging to use her live bones; embedded
in the foundations of your sinister corporate office; instead,

You might perpetually grant her the status of a maid-servant in your opulent castle; proudly telling the world as to how faithfully she licked that extra iota of grime on your boots; so that you always shimmered like a prince; every unfurling
minute of  the  day,
You might salaciously close even the most diminutive element of her breath; thrusting your 10 ton form directly on her immaculate face; just because the
ground beside you had no grass to sit,

You might ludicrously betray her of every shade of love in her impoverished life; tyrannically torching her divinely chest; just because the beats of her heart proved a trifle too loud for your nocturnal slumber,

And do you want O! Devilish Man; demonstrate your cannibalistically chauvinistic manpower to every single female on earth if you so choose; but remember that you in the first place weren't born from invisible air;

It was  female's Omnipotent womb that bore you; it was a female's Omnipotent womb that harnessed your every breath; it was a female's Omnipotent womb that
selflessly gave all its blood to evolve your fantastic brain; infact it was that very  female's Omnipotent womb; which gave you the power to desire; create; and
what you sinfully wanted to devastate; today.

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