It Was Soon Going To Rain

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



The squirrels suddenly commenced to boisterously gallivant through the branches; jubilantly diffusing into a festoon of uninhibitedly ecstatic sounds,

The rivers suddenly increased their pace a trifle; ardently clashing against the resplendently glittering rocks that confronted them in their way,

The roses suddenly came back to vibrant life after the sullen day; triumphantly radiating an unsurpassable ocean of unassailably mesmerizing scent,

And a cradle of voluptuously crimson clouds suddenly embellished the sky; enveloping its fathomlessly barren periphery with stupendously spell binding color and grace,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else's on this gargantuan planet; the truculent tyranny of heat was soon about to disappear into the aisles of nothingness; it was soon going to thunderously rain.


The sparrows suddenly started to ebulliently whistle; euphorically deluging every cranny of this fathomless atmosphere with an everlasting entrenchment of fantastically enamoring sounds,

The kangaroos suddenly sprinted in air like never before; ecstatically racing through the unfathomably timeless wilderness; with the astronomically indefatigable enthrallment of Mother nature in their stride,

The eggs suddenly hatched into the most fabulously beautiful of fledglings; permeating the fabric of the gloomy air around with an unrelenting volley of divinely new born life and sound,

And a blanket of gorgeously titillating clouds suddenly enlightened the sky; majestically painting its empty belly with streaks of poignantly compassionate and everlasting empathy,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else's on this boundless planet; the salacious whiplash of acrimonious heat was soon about to wholesomely abnegate; it was soon going to indefatigably rain.


The lions suddenly pumped their fur an extravagant trifle; victoriously parading through the insatiably untamed outgrowths of; euphoric scarlet and green,

The bells in the sacrosanct temple suddenly started to incessantly ring; casting a spell of impregnably mystical incantation; upon every religion; caste; and alike; heavenly alike,

The shadows suddenly started to mischievously flirt with the vividly life-yielding ground; merrily jingling even as the serene tranquility of dusk was a overwhelmingly far-fetched cry,

And an unconquerable cistern of enchantingly vibrant clouds suddenly perpetuated the sky from all sides; irrevocably crowning it as a royal prince of all times,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else's on this endless planet; all satanically impeding sweat was soon about to evaporate till times beyond infinite infinity; it was soon going to miraculously rain.


The peacocks suddenly unveiled their feathers a wholesomely profound blossom; disseminating a wave of ravishing excitement in even the most infinitesimally deadened particle in the lugubrious atmosphere,

The bees suddenly started to melodiously sing and dance; Omnisciently replenishing many a traumatically agonizing heart; with a mountain of incomprehensibly unending sweetness,
The snakes suddenly forgot to horrifically bite; sensuously intermingling for times immemorial; with the last rays of the setting Sun,

And a panoramically exotic canvas of enigmatic clouds suddenly enshrouded the Herculean sky; impregnably clinging to it like the ultimate seductress of its impoverished life,

O! Yes; your guess was as good as anybody else's on this timeless planet; the mercilessly decimating battlefield of belligerent heat was soon about to crumble like a pack of cards; it was soon going to
perpetually rain.

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