It Was Very Easy

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



It was very easy to let gallons of water pass under the bridge; as all one had to do was open the wrought iron gates,
But to stop its flow thereafter was exceedingly tedious; as the stream picked up speed; swelled leaps and bounds every unfurling second.

It was very easy to speed up a car; as all you needed was to uncouthly press upon the accelerator,
But to freeze it completely in its footsteps was an insurmountable task; as the sedan swerved wildly on the wet tarmac; rotating umpteenth number of times; before achieving refined degrees of control.

It was very easy to light a cigarette; as all one required was a nimble flame emanating from the matchstick,
But to subside its flames was a Herculean task; as the lungs developed an insatiable addiction for the acrid smoke.

It was very easy to provoke a tiger; as all you needed was to poke it in its ribs; disdainfully drench it with water right in its den,
But it was an agonizing wait before the beast pacified; as it tore apart the flesh of several innocent; before eventually drifting into his afternoon siesta.

It was very easy to make a person blind; as you had to do was hurl a tumbler of fuming acid towards his immaculate face,
But to regain back sight was simply unattainable; as the blackness hovering over his eyes; became more intense with the fading light.

It was very easy to shatter a colossal ensemble of glass; as all you needed to
do was bang its surface coercively with hard stone,
But to recoup its fragments was a marathon job; as they lay scattered rampantly; and a majority concealed in black mud all around.

It was very easy to spend money; as all you had to do was  purchase every
object that appeared enamoring to your eye, let it drizzle chivalrously from
your palms,
But to earn it back was overwhelmingly hard; as each penny acquired conscientiously; made you shed more than a million drops of your sweat.

It was very easy to say 'I love you'; as all you needed to do was romanticize
incessantly in the tunnel of tantalizing romance,
But to sustain the same became stupendously difficult; as you had to fight an
head on battle with the sanctimonious society; break your back to suffice
daily fodder.
And it was very easy to kill a person; as all you had to do was ruthlessly compress the trigger of your gleaming gun,
But to revive back life proved wholesomely futile; as it was impossible to enter the territories of the omnipotent Creator.

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