Its Possible; Because It Is Natural

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



How was it ever possible when you resolved to remain awake the entire night; keeping your eyelids incorrigibly open,
That after a few minutes you felt besieged by loud yawns; transited into a blissful slumber?

How was it ever possible when you firmly decided not to consume food the whole
day; famishing yourself to unprecedented limits,
That after spending the morning hungry; your hand automatically crept towards
the refrigerator; wherein was stashed succulent fruit and ravishing slices of raspberry pudding?

How was it ever possible when you pledged not to perspire the slightest; stand
as cool and unflinching as an enchanting angel,
That after trespassing for a while under the blazing sun; drops of golden sweat trickled down profusely from your nape?

How was it ever possible when you were resolute about not going to the bathroom for months; preserving all delectable food you had in your stomach,
That after sprinting for a little while on the ground; your bowels felt as if they would erupt; and you meekly hid yourself behind the screen of the Lavatory?

How was it ever possible when you determined not to sneeze come what may;
incessantly inhale gallons of revitalizing breeze,
That the instant a fly buzzed pertinently around your nose; you contorted miserably; inundated the atmosphere with a deafening roar?

How was it ever possible when you thought that you would never smile; Scowling
at everybody you encountered in the day,
That after witnessing a man parading naked into a business meeting; perceiving
it to be his private bedroom; you thunderously broke into guffaws of uncontrollable laughter?

How was it ever possible when you were stubborn that you wouldn't imagine;
avert yourself completely from the most minuscule of fantasy,
That after dozing off inadvertently in the afternoon; you immediately started
to romanticize about the girl next door; umpteenth suspense stories deluged
your mind from all quarters?

How was it ever possible when you had taken an oath that you would never bathe; no matter how much amount of heat infiltrated into your body,
That after remaining unwashed for a full week; and a peculiar stench of Rotten
tomato emanating from your visage; propelled you to dump all your pretentious;
plunge audaciously into the river from the summit of the mountain?

How was it ever possible when you clenched your teeth and said that you weren't going to open your eyes; even if it meant that you sacrificed your life,
That as soon as you wanted to cross the bustling street; the screeching horns
of vehicles darting towards you at electric speeds; engendered you to lift your lashes; keep them held stringently till all the commotion had subsided?

How was it ever possible when you whipped your mind infinite times; ordering
it to be patient in all circumstances engulfing it; dictating it to remain as stoical as placid ice,
That the moment your spouse spilled milk on your immaculate shirt; you howled
as if bringing the entire roof down?

How was it ever possible when you swore on yourself that you would never be
lured by sanctimonious wealth; live life imprisoned in chains of rustic simplicity,
That as soon as your feet struck a pot replete with gold; the glitter of the coins; the boundless supply of wealth; made you almost blind and oblivious to even your own voice?

How was it ever possible when you had resolutely decided to act philanthropically all your life; keep benevolently executing tasks to benefit others,
That the second the earthquake rocked the entire city; you were the first one
to jump out of the window with your son; without even bothering to disturb your neighbors; with whom you had always made it a point to have morning tea?

How was it ever possible when you had resolved not to scratch; even if you were attacked by a million monsters,
That the moment you were stung by an inconspicuous mosquito; your complexion
metamorphosed to a perfect crimson; and you rubbed your skin brutally till it almost bled?

How was it ever possible when you had commanded all bones in your body to stay
silent; lie down in tranquil contentment even in the most tumultuous of storm,
That you started to violently dance the minute you heard pulsating music; the fiery flamboyance of your youth pinning all your sagaciousness down?

How was it ever possible when you had decided to stay for marathon days without liquid; even if the chords in your throat charred to a horrifying death,
That you greedily sucked water from the very next stream you confronted; splashing it rampantly all across your parched lips and body?

How was it ever possible when you had intractably appealed to your brain to
let your wounds flow; leave them open even if each droplet of blood was
exhausted from your body,
That you draped your flesh with spools of white bandage and pungent antiseptic; as it simply got pricked by a needle; let alone the question of blood leaking out?

How was it ever possible when you had pledged to hold your breath; and still
continue the chapter of life,
That after stifling your breath only for 30 seconds; you felt loads of It escape noisily down your nostril?

And how was it ever possible when you had prepared yourself for every calamity; trying to stand invincible against the most belligerent of thorns; trying to emulate God,
That after simply walking on the scorching sands; and that too with your shoes
strapped tightly on; you fainted in a bedraggled heap with gasps of tiredness
and feeble sounds asking for water diffusing from your mouth?

Well the answer to the above was as simple as the uninhibited love of a mother; the smile of a newly born child, As all of this was possible only because you were just a Human; and for you all this was NATURAL.

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