Its Upto You

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Life is an ocean of ravishing enthrallment; culminating into untamed excitement as each second unfurled itself magnificently,
Its upto you; whether you relish swimming in it; or drown yourself deliberately to blend with the; uncouthly hard bed of disgruntled rocks.

Life is a garden of mesmerizing roses; blossoming into the scent of united harmony; as the Sun filtered royally through the skies,
Its upto you; whether you surreally philander in its stupendous fragrance; or complain about pertinent insects; hovering around its petals.

Life is an unrelenting fantasy; that majestically explored and discovered an unfathomable myriad of poignant emotions in its way,
Its upto you; whether you fantastically dreamt it each instant as you tread on soil; or baselessly wailed about the ominous tinges of black; it enveloped you with; every now and again.

Life is a gorgeously tantalizing mist; seducing the planet every second in its everlastingly pungent swirl,
Its upto you; whether you relentlessly romanced it; or nonchalantly mourned about the enigmatically hazy fog; that enshrouded the whites of your eye.

Life is a mountain of invincible strength; defending the most acrimoniously treacherous of obstacles with its sacredly Omnipotent grace,
Its upto you; whether you adventurously clambered it to achieve your ultimate conquests; or got pathetically intimidated; retreating beyond your shell; witnessing its peaks.

Life is a fabulous waterfall of irrefutable humanity; ubiquitously disseminating the essence of equality at every turn you took,
Its upto you; whether you embraced it euphorically in mind; body and spirit; or kept manipulatively measuring the vagaries of conflicting religion; for the remainder of your lifetime.

Life is a beehive of gloriously golden honey; diffusing its magical sweetness in every direction empathy prevailed; and the winds of heartfelt honest led,
Its upto you; whether you blended yourself with the unbelievably handsome charm; or despicably camouflaged your nose; in fear of getting stung by the boisterously buzzing bees.

Life is a fathomlessly opulent treasure house of versatility; harboring an incomprehensible repertoire of poignant shades and color; in its impeccable belly,
Its upto you; whether you replenish your souls with its marvelous charisma; or get ludicrously outnumbered by the unfathomable depth it inherently possessed.

Life is an Omnipresent island of worship; comforting all those waveringly distraught; with compassionate winds of exhilarated warmth,
Its upto you; whether you seek immortal refuge in its divine palms; or disgruntlingly fret and fume; about its philosophies being agnostic and horrendously incorrect.

Life is an incredulously ingratiating milestone of prosperity; bequeathing upon one and all the spirit to rise up to their flurry of philanthropically benevolent dreams,
Its upto you; whether you wholesomely coalesce with its rhythmically handsome tunes; or pathetically cry about the inevitable hurdles that harmlessly came in between.

And life is an everlasting rain of love and happiness; blooming into countless new; in every corner of this earth that it astonishingly sprinkled its magnetic caress,
Its upto you; whether you let it ebulliently descend down your impoverished countenance; or tirelessly complained about its infinitesimal wetness; and
devastated your entity to cacophonic ash; even before it was born.

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