I've Fallen In Love With You Ice-Cream

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



I loved the astounding ounces of reinvigoration that you perpetuated wherever you went; even as the globe grew stale in disdainful robotic work,

I loved the way you tantalized every mortal around you- as every globule from your body sensuously dissipated into barren patches of mud,

I loved the way you were served in the most glitteringly embellished platter- so that every meal finished with an uninhibitedly contented smile,

I loved the way you caressed me with your unflinching softness- making me feel like I was galloping through fields of spell-bindingly electrifying Sunshine,

I loved the way you euphorically charmed humans of every religion; caste; creed; tribe and color- with the effervescence that wafted from your diminutive form,

I loved the way you announced your delectably curvaceous and colourful presence- as hordes of people left what was thwarting them- and rushed to devour mouthfuls
of your ecstatic grace,

I loved the way you evoked so much reaction without uttering a word- as almost everyone had something to appreciate about you- be it your color, form, odor, freshness, poignancy or unparalleled taste,

I loved the way you brought about that quintessential zeal in all those lives; miserably lamenting without reason or rhyme- pepped up the ambience with sparks of revitalizing newness,

I loved the way you quelled volcanic body heat like a magicians wand- even as man-made discrepancies permeated the atmosphere around with poisonous smoke
and fumes,

I loved the way you ignited those whirlpools of  uncanny excitement around you- becoming a chilled centerpiece of exhilaration on that extremely warm summer afternoon,

I loved the way you innocently nestled in the palm- so soft; so tender; so immaculately princely- drawing hordes of cheers as one sighted even an  inconspicuous trifle of you,

I loved the compassionately triumphant warmth that you generated in everyone who consumed you- being frozen yourself; without any respite and to the core,
I loved the way you united haplessly estranged lovers into bonds of endearing friendship- as they resolved all disputes; buried past differences—whilst clasping you with one hand each,

I loved the way you disseminated the message of universal brotherhood- with people from all parts of the globe; unhesitatingly ready to mingle in groups to have a slice of your dazzling ice,

I loved the way you were used to celebrate occasions solemnizing love - when marriage was proposed with a ring in one hand and the other offering your silken grace of impeccable unity,

I loved the way you held your own inimitable identity- even when blended with myriad concoctions; cakes; eateries; syrups and what not's- with mortals distinguishing you instantly from the assortment; as you astoundingly chilled,

I loved the way you effortlessly glided your way to your destination- when sadly and rarely there weren't any takers- melting into absolute submission under golden rays of the mid-day Sun,

I loved the way you retained your rudimentary essence for all humans to savor- remaining the most kingly eating constituent of their meals- even as the space-cyber age hurled one ingenious innovation over another,

O! Yes, I've definitely fallen in love with you- my scrumptiously enchanting and unabashed Ice-Cream

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