Just 4 Alphabets

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Just 4 alphabets had the amazing power in them; to metamorphose every trace of satanically marauding evil; into a festoon of rhapsodically triumphant and unflinching righteousness,

Just 4 alphabets had the unassailable power in them; to bestow perpetual victory to even the most apocalyptically obsolete cranny of this Universe; estranged with sadistic defeat,

Just 4 alphabets had the Omnipotent power in them; to trounce the blasphemous devil forever and ever and ever; render its entity to more inanely worthless than the invisible ghost in the atmosphere,

Just 4 alphabets had the limitless power in them; to perennially melange every tribe; race; color and creed on this fathomless Universe; into an invincibly singleton religion of  humanity,

Just 4 alphabets had the unconquerable power in them; to diffuse the most bountifully fructifying scent of harmony; amidst even the most treacherously violent of mobs,

Just 4 alphabets had the uncanny power in them; to bring even the most ghastliest war on this boundless planet; to a completely celestial standstill,

Just 4 alphabets had the unsurpassable power in them; to pervade over every trace of goodness and diabolical badness on the periphery of this globe; reign majestic and supreme till times beyond infinite infinity,

Just 4 alphabets had the unlimited power in them; to annihilate misery forever from its non-existent roots; miraculously ameliorate even the most vindictively acrimonious of wounds with the balm of eternal friendship,

Just 4 alphabets had the untainted power in them; to unceasingly blaze into the light of effulgently jubilant optimism; even in the heart of the murderously invidious midnight,

Just 4 alphabets had the undaunted power in them; to transcend over every mortuary of penuriously wastrel fear; and then rhythmically blend their altruistic spirit with the paradise of the Creator Divine,

Just 4 alphabets had the astronomical power in them; to reinvigorate spell bindingly fresh life; into even the most hopelessly deadened coffins of the unknown,

Just 4 alphabets had the mesmerizing power in them; to endow the uninhibitedly peerless wings of expression; to every organism holistically breathing and alive,

Just 4 alphabets had the unprecedented power in them; to celestially imbue the principles of a unitedly ebullient existence in every living being on earth; when the most inexhaustible of scriptures and philosophies had miserably floundered and squandered,

Just 4 alphabets had the unbelievable power in them; to take on the battalion of all that was hedonistically devilish on this inscrutable planet; bare-chested; barefooted; and indefatigably uninterrupted,
Just 4 alphabets had the insuperable power in them; to redefine the solar-plexus of existence today; immortalize it for an infinite more births yet to unveil; with the cradles of altruistically symbiotic sharing,

Just 4 alphabets had the unfathomable power in them; to infallibly illuminate a candle of unfettered victory in every abode pathetically submerged with haplessly asphyxiating blackness,

Just 4 alphabets had the immeasurable power in them; to perpetuate even the most threadbarely impotent of entity and soil; with magically proliferating fertility and solidarity,

Just 4 alphabets had the unrestricted power in them; to unconquerably ensure that philanthropically selfless life never ended on this gigantic Universe; even centuries after the physical form had veritably shed its skin; faded and died,

Just 4 alphabets had the bounteous power in them; to unassailably bond every
beat of the heart with the heaven of compassionately sharing; make each organism on earth feel as if it had just majestically arrived from the womb of its mother; as if it
was just Omnipresently born,

And if you opened your mouth just 4 evanescent times; you'll not only be able to spell its Omniscient grace; but feel engulfed by its sky of pricelessly inimitable Godliness; feel every pore of your persona timelessly blessed by its Omnipotent splendor in just a single lifetime; as the alphabets were none other but the Almighty Lord's alltime favorite; the alphabets were the most Universally undefeatable rudiment of creation; the alphabets were none other but;  love.

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