Just A Beat

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Stagnation; Dolorousness and Abominable Indolence; is what I didn't have the capacity to holistically  tolerate,  
While just an infinitesimal caress of your resplendently heavenly palms; was enough to transform the lugubriously invaded complexion of my cheeks; back to the clouds of stupendously sparkling life.

Raunchiness; Corruption; and Sleazy Betrayal; is what I didn't want to ever hear about in the tenure of my nimbly truncated existence,
While just a diminutive flicker of your flirtatiously mischievous eyes; was enough to metamorphose the whirlpool of monotony enshrouding my dwindling countenance; back to the forests bountifully scintillating life.

Maliciousness; Treachery; and Gory Bloodshed; is what I didn't want to ever be affiliated with till the absolute end of my time,
While just an inconspicuous peck of your majestically enchanting lips; was enough to transit the graveyard of salacious drudgery profoundly instilled within my veins; back to the meadows of fathomlessly exotic life.

Insanity; Depression; Remorseful Isolation; is what I didn't want to ever witness as long as breath diffused in marvelous unison from my nostrils,
While just a timidly mercurial embrace of your astoundingly ravishing palms; was enough to revolutionize my lacklusterness to wake up from soil; back to the Sun
of triumphantly blazing life.

Agony; Torture; and Crippling Slavery; is what I didn't want to ever happen to any harmoniously symbiotic organism on the firmament of this gigantic earth,
While just an ephemerally parsimonious pulsation of your gorgeously melodious voice; was enough to catapult my indescribable corpse of discriminating
prejudice; back to the lotus of vibrantly vivacious life.

Uncouthness; Dilapidation; and Bellicose Loneliness; is what I didn't want to ever sink into the dormitories of my pricelessly blessed blood,
While just an insipidly oblivious whisper of your enigmatic visage; was enough to refurbish my pathetically withering desires; back to the elixir of spell bindingly regal life.

Franticness; Desperation; and Crucifying Paralysis; is what I didn't want to ever creep up the entrenchment of my blissfully impeccable soul,
While just an invisible trace of your royally victorious shadow; was enough to recuperate the parasites of cold-blooded hell in my miserably quavering bones; back to the fortress of celestially fragrant life.

Atheism; Nonchalance; and Dividing Religion; is what I didn't want to ever proliferate so baselessly on this timelessly sacrosanct planet,
While just a capriciously transient movement of your righteously marching feet; was enough to convert the web of ominous ill-will in my conscience; back to the
waves of ingratiatingly fabulous life.

And Death; Disappearance; Sinful Suicide; is what I didn't want to ever witness on God's most beautifully dexterous and sensuous planet,
While just a diminutively obsolete beat of your princely heart; was enough to rejuvenate the maelstroms of debilitating disaster in my breath; back to the waterfalls of immortal love and vivid life.

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